Consumers Chasing Fool’s Gold

We’ve all heard a thousand times the old tale about finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  We all know it’s just supposed to be a humorous and interesting “old wives tale”.  But I find that many people are constantly chasing after “Leprechaun gold”.

Get rich quick schemes are everywhere! The internet is full of them. A quick Google search will lead you to more than you could possibly imagine…some legitimate but many not.

How many of you have been approached to invest $100 in your own business and with just a few hours a week you can become a millionaire? Again, some of these businesses are can help you achieve some extra income, some not but most don’t make the returns in their promises.

You can probably name a few more that you’ve come across in your experience, but nothing can quite meet the  good ol’ spend less, save more. If you have the luxury of starting early in life, making wise investments and putting a little away where you can, you will wake up one day and find that your little coins have accumulated into quite a pot of gold.

How can Torrid Technologies help you reach your retirement goals?

We hope that through this newsletter each month, you will find good tips and tricks for saving and investing.

Using our RetirementView Software can help you by looking for the GREEN on your graph. You can play with different scenarios in your plan and see what pays off in your personal plan.

Please let us know how we can assist you or make our product better any time! We don’t want you to leave your retirement security to the “Luck of the Irish”!

Tim Turner  Torrid CEO and Founder

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