2017 – Lots of Enhancements!

When the 2017 version is fully live you will see a significant number of enhancements – maybe not initially because we still want you to “see green” and “get the red out”. But there are lots of things you’ve asked for and now they’re here! Many of these enhancements are things you have brought to our attention, requested, hoped and prayed for – we aim to please, so here’s hoping your request made the initial list.

Here’s a list of (most of) the 2017 Updates:

For ALL Editions:

  • Basic 2017 branding changes.
  • Files can now be opened and edited on both MAC and PC computers.
  • Updated Help file with new 2017 tax tables and Social Security changes.
  • Updated Social Security algorithm and related data points to 2017 data for bend points, national average earnings, maximum creditable earnings, average wage index series, and cost of living adjustment.  Now using 20 year average of 2.13% for the COLA in the built-in estimate.  If you do not use the built-in estimate, make sure you consider using the 2.13% COLA under Settings – Social Security.
  • Major improvement in the printed report using professional design, alternate shading, and color.
  • Added clear note “After Taxes in Today’s Dollars” for the Retirement Income Goal.
  • Maximizing main window now has resizable buttons.
  • Maximizing main window now increases font size of the Spreadsheet for better readability.
  • Added “Simple” Spreadsheet that only has most important color columns. Use Ctrl-R to switch to it.
  • The executable file has been renamed from Planner.exe to RetirementView.exe so you can find it more easily in the list of Processes if you need to.
  • Added a built-in Print Preview screen for the printed reports.
  • Added a built-in PDF printing and saving option for the printed reports.
  • Changed old Most Recently Used file menu items to Open Recent menu.
  • You can now run the plan out to age 117 – the age of the oldest person in the world.  Good luck and good health!
  • If couples plan and one spouse still working, we now deduct Social Security Tax at 6.2% (Subject to the Max Earnings test) and Medicare Tax at 1.45% (thanks Peter Plant).
  • Updated EBRI.org retirement factoids that pop up if you click returns in unregistered demo mode.
  • Re-added the Backups routine that backs up data file changes in case you need to recover lost data.
  • Removed built-in AppUpdate since it failed on most computers. Now just point to online download pages.
  •  Fixed bug where spouse was already retired but the spouse tab was not disabling job income and other “Not Applicable” fields (thanks Nick Seltun).
  • Fixed bug where clicking on spouse Job Income field or Retirement Age field would call SetAlreadyRetired which would by mistake set the primary client Job Income to zero (thanks Nick Seltun).
  • Fixed bug in print out on Investments page where the blended return BEFORE retirement did not make any sense if it was a Couples plan and one spouse was already retired. The program would average a 0% return for the retired spouse since they had no “before” retirement period. We now just print “N/A” since that return does not make any sense when the retirement has already started (thanks Nick Seltun).
  • Fixes long time bug for “Invalid Type Mismatch” on the secondary grid controls on Investments, Cash Infusions, and Special Expenses.
  • Fixes long time bug where program could not print in color if your default printer was set to “black and white” printing only (i.e. you could not switch to color and get the reports to print in color).


  • Advisors with a CFP can now print the Registered Trademark symbol with their name.

For the PERSONAL/COUPLES Editions:

  • Added ability to use files to create multiple scenarios as needed (File New, Open, Save, Save As, Close).  Note that it is still locked to the one name and/or spouse name.

Full list of all current updates and enhancements will be located on our help desk.

If you are just learning about our software, you can find us at www.torrid-tech.com. Also check out our video tutorials and our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about our software give us a call at 888.333.5095 or email us at support@torrid-tech.com.

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