Radical New Strategy for Advisors in Asset Planning


Family asset planning

Have you ever considered providing asset planning for the whole family when consulting with your clients?

Forbes October magazine has an interesting article about a pilot program from an advisor with Wells Fargo.

We probably all know of situations in which a family death began a feud over what money and possessions remain. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s great amounts of money or small. It always has the potential to get unpleasant.

The program highlighted in this article seeks to counsel families in how to plan for the inheritances – before death – so that everyone makes the best use of the assets. Parents are finding comfort through this program in discussing their financial standing openly and honestly with their children so that they can plan to make the best use of their inheritance. It also gives peace of mind to the parents that their gifts will be used appropriately and not be wasted on foolish gains and activities.

The clients noted in the article are, admittedly, dealing with massive amounts of money. Maybe you have some of those clients yourself. Maybe your clients with less money could benefit from a similar approach as well.

Take a look at the article and see what you think. This program is reporting huge success and say they have people beating down the doors to be involved. Could this work for you in your practice?

Is Retirement Possible Without $1 Million?

Retirement$1 Million Retirement

Of course entering retirement with a million dollars makes things easier, but you can absolutely live well without having met that magical goal. Preparing ahead of time and making small changes – or big ones – can pay off big in the long run.

5 Strategies

There are a few things you can try to help meet your goals like boosting your Social Security payments. Here are 5 strategies, from our friends at USNews.com that  you can employ to make your (less than $1K 401(k)) retirement a joy!

We would love to know if any of these suggestions have worked for you or if you think any of these strategies might help. We would also love to hear what else might have made your less than $1K savings work for you.


What if YOU lived to be 117?

Well it’s official the oldest living person on planet Earth is Emma Morano.


She lives in ITALY of all places.  What is her secret to long life?


She says eating 2 raw eggs every day!

Now what will happen if you live to be 117?

Can you even afford it?

Our programming gnomes put together a little spreadsheet for you to figure it out.

Click here to see if you can afford it

On this spreadsheet it will show you how much money you need to live from age 65 all the way to age 117 at two inflation rates – one at 2% and the other at 3%.

LongevityCalc-Snapshot Small v2

Click the image to go to the Spreadsheet on Google

Here is what we did.  We assume that you retire at age 65 and then live to be 117 years old.

We assumed that you need just $50,000 of income starting at age 65.  Yeah we realize that you may require much different income.

We then used a 2% inflation rate in one set of calculations and a 3% inflation rate in the other set of calculations.

The spreadsheet then TOTALS up all of the income from age 65 to 117 to give us a running total of dollars you would need over that time period.

So can you make it for 52 years in retirement?   Click here to find out.

[If you want to read the full CNN article, you can access it here.]


It’s National Save For Retirement Week

Are you saving for retirement – saving enough or even saving at all?

Check out this article at USA Today by John Shepherd to see if you’re part of the 52%.

Make Retirement Simple Book Hits #1 on Amazon.com Kindle

My first book has been published on Amazon Kindle and hit #1 on several of the charts!  It’s very exciting.  The print version will be coming out in the next couple of weeks.

I’d just like to thank my co-authors Travis Evans, Craig Cassidy, and Jeff Biro.   Congratulations to you guys too for being a “Best Selling Author”!Book-AmazonBestSellerCollageScreen

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The Surprising #1 Silent Killer in Retirement Is…

Many people are concerned about retirement finances, but that’s not the ONLY thing to worry about…

Brian Stoffel of The Motley Fool posted a fascinating article recently about what exactly the #1 silent killer in retirement really is. I was stunned! He said that the greatest silent killer is — Loneliness!

He states:

Before rolling your eyes, hear me out. In 2013, Merrill Lynch and Age Wave (MLAW) conducted a study asking pre-retirees what they would “miss most about work when they retire.” Here’s what they had to say:

  • Reliable income: 38%
  • Social connections: 17%
  • Employer health insurance: 16%
  • Having purpose and work goals: 16%
  • Mental stimulation: 12%
    • Source: Merrill Lynch/Age Wave

So, by an enormous margin, “a reliable income” was the most popular answer.

Then MLAW followed up by asking a group of currently retired folks what they missed the most about work. While ‘”reliable income” was still relevant, the responses were starkly different:

  • Social connections: 34%
  • Reliable income: 29%
  • Having purpose and work goals: 19%
  • Mental stimulation: 12%
  • Employer health insurance: 7%


There was much more interesting information contained in his article PLUS what it means to your finances and how to avoid it.  Read more about it here.

Do-It-Yourself Retirement Planning

Our Founder – Tim Turner – was interviewed recently by Neil Howe on Business Innovators Radio.

Listen to some of the tips he shares, Roth and Annuity discussions and some lessons learned regarding building a solid financial future.

Age is no excuse – too young or too old.

Take a moment and listen!

It only lasts 30 minutes. You can come and go at your leisure!

For more information about Tim Turner and Torrid Technologies, you can contact www.torrid-tech.com or call 888-333-5095

Want to Retire Before 65 – READ THIS!

USA today posted this article recently by Maurie Backmon addressing the pros and cons of retiring before the age of 65. In fact 62 has become a quite popular age at which to check out of the working world since that’s the earliest you can start drawing on your social security benefits.

Is it wise to retire that early?

There are 2 major negative effects to consider before retiring at that time. See what they are here.

Can You Afford to Live to 100?

This week on May 19th, 2016 my wife’s grandmother Vivian celebrated her 100th birthday in Huntsville, Alabama.

Last weekend we celebrated her birthday at a party at her retirement home.


Vivian was in great spirits and happy to see everyone celebrating with her.

Of course we had a huge birthday cake for her.


It got me thinking about “what does it take financially to live to 100”?

Have you thought about that at all?  What if you make it to 100 and beyond?

Of course, using the RetirementView software you can run some scenarios out to 100 and see how your finances play out.

If you want to use the Consumer version of the software to plan for yourself or for you and your spouse, then go here to get going.

Vivian doesn’t hear all that great so I didn’t get to quiz her on the “Secret” to living such a long life.  But I do know she has been a big vegetable and fruit eater all her life.  She also was meticulous about getting to all her doctor’s appointments.


If you wonder whether you can financially handle living to age 100, then again you can go here to get going on the software.  Build your own picture.  See how your investments and income items will work together.  You will know pretty quickly in red if you aren’t going to make it.  And more importantly, you will be able to make adjustments and see what types of changes will help you make it for the long haul.

May you be blessed to live to 100 just like Vivian.  Thanks and Happy Planning.


-Tim Turner


Good News on Hump Day

Seems like all you hear is bad news…especially in regard to finances.

No one ever feels like it’s enough, but forward steps are a good sign. (Of course with RetirementView Software, you can KNOW if you have enough. You know we have to say it!)

Check out today’s good news in this article by Suzanne Wooley.

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