What if YOU lived to be 117?

Well it’s official the oldest living person on planet Earth is Emma Morano.


She lives in ITALY of all places.  What is her secret to long life?


She says eating 2 raw eggs every day!

Now what will happen if you live to be 117?

Can you even afford it?

Our programming gnomes put together a little spreadsheet for you to figure it out.

Click here to see if you can afford it

On this spreadsheet it will show you how much money you need to live from age 65 all the way to age 117 at two inflation rates – one at 2% and the other at 3%.

LongevityCalc-Snapshot Small v2

Click the image to go to the Spreadsheet on Google

Here is what we did.  We assume that you retire at age 65 and then live to be 117 years old.

We assumed that you need just $50,000 of income starting at age 65.  Yeah we realize that you may require much different income.

We then used a 2% inflation rate in one set of calculations and a 3% inflation rate in the other set of calculations.

The spreadsheet then TOTALS up all of the income from age 65 to 117 to give us a running total of dollars you would need over that time period.

So can you make it for 52 years in retirement?   Click here to find out.

[If you want to read the full CNN article, you can access it here.]


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