Ways People Know You Are a Salesman

September 22, 2014 by Tim Turner | Leave a Comment

People are uncomfortable around “salesman”.  They are afraid they will be “sold” something they don’t want to buy, or that they can’t afford.

Thus, people get nervouse when they “spot a salesman”.  They want to run away.  Have you been to a car lot and had a “salesman” start approaching you before you have even gotten both shoes on the ground out of your car?

If you are a financial advisor or insurance agent or similar “professional”, you don’t want people being “nervous” around you.  Your whole business is built on “trust”.

Here are some things to ABSOLUTELY AVOID if you want to build the most trust and avoid being viewed as a “salesman”:

Don’t display trophies or awards in your office related to being a “top salesman”

Don’t be too easily and readily accessible.  People that are difficult to meet with are not likely to be salesman.

Don’t be “too eager”.  This shines through as “desperate”.

Don’t be “pushy”.  No one likes this at all.

Don’t rush the prospect.  They feel like you are pressuring them into a decision.

Don’t be over-confident or glib with quick ready answers to every objection.

Don’t be a “product pusher”.  You need to discuss each person’s needs and recommend custom solutions.

Don’t  be evasive in answering questions, especially direct ones.

These are some of the top tell-tale signs.  Avoid these and you will be more successful.

I give credit to Matt Zagula and Dan Kennedy from their book “Trust Based Marketing” for their insights in this area.  Thanks Matt and Dan!

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