Other Financial Web based Business Technology Solutions

We offer a number of Internet related services that allow us to keep our development team in tip-top shape with respect to their skills.

Database Development

Our programmers have skills in database architecting, design, programming, implementation and maintenance for Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Email List Management

Since 1994 we have developed web sites and maintained email lists for our own company as well as those of our clients. We can provide you with a simple and easy to use system for having clients signup/unsubscribe to your email list, as well as give you control to send email to that list anytime.

Lead Generation and Tracking

Our WebCalcs® software has been enhanced to offer lead generation for financial services firms. In addition we offer a total web lead CRM package that track those leads and allows you to assign them to customer service or financial professionals for follow-up.

Mobile App Development

We can create Mobile Apps for your business so that you can communicate better with your clients and prospects. This can include simple website and brochure like interaction apps, or complicated financial planning apps for mobile devices, ipads, tablets, android, or iphone. Please contact us to discuss your particular project.

Multimedia Design

Our design team creates multimedia cd-rom solutions for the financial services industry. Dazzling cd-rom business cards, brochures and educational materials that can include a variety of content including audio, video, html, flash, and much more.

Software Development

Our skilled programmers are available for application development in Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, Unix Perl, Php, HTML, Java, and Javascript. Our skilled system architects can develop a solution for your that involves a variety of programming, web or database systems.

Web Design

Our skilled designers have been creating web sites since 1994. We analyze your needs and then produce results at a price you can afford. We specialize in sites for the financial industry. We don't just design sites from scratch. We can also test, improve, or redesign existing sites.

Web Hosting

We host web applications and web sites for Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations. Our secure and reliable hosting plans are affordable and include maintenance and email systems that you can control from your web-based control panel. Contact Us if you would like to discuss your requirements for any of the above services.