Panic in Atlanta over…what?

February 11, 2014 by Tim Turner | Leave a Comment

Panic in Atlanta over…Impending ICE STORM

After the Snowjam a couple of weeks ago that left the city gridlocked, fear has risen to panic levels as stores have been cleaned out of bread, milk, eggs, flashlights, generators and more.

My visit to Publix last night shows you some of the scene…

No eggs left at all

No eggs left at all

Milk is almost gone...

Milk is almost gone…

Now the schools in their infinite wisdom have closed for today. The governor has declared a state of emergency in 45 counties. To be fair the north Georgia counties already have snow and ice, which makes it treacherous in the mountainous areas. Here in Atlanta, this is a picture of the roads near our office:

2014-02-11 08.54.38-small

No snow or ice YET but schools closed


When you northerners are finished laughing after seeing that picture… please send me a new carburetor for my Generac generator. When the real ice hits on Wed and Thursday it is supposed to leave a half inch of ice on everything. When ice hits down south it covers the trees and they snap in half and fall on the power lines… knocking out power of course. So when it’s in the 30s and you have no heat… it’s not fun.

So we are braced for “icemaggedon” here in Atlanta. How’s the weather in your area? Someone from Miami or San Diego please post some warm climate pics or at least some encouraging words for all of us facing “Icemaggedon”.

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10 thoughts on “Panic in Atlanta over…what?

  1. First a Minnesota tale, then some reassurance. My wife is a mail carrier, and when she delivers a parcel she brings a pen to the door. The other day she was keeping her pen in a breast pocket to keep it warm. When she got out of her truck to deliver a parcel she put it on top of her scanner and walked about 20 paces to the door. By the time she gave the pen to the customer for signature the ink had frozen.

    Heh, ice storms are no joke, even for us. We’re also helpless against downed power lines and other structural damage. Although they try to keep the roads open, driving is still very treacherous.

    Clearly having fleets of snow removal equipment and thousands of trained drivers does not make sense for Atlanta from a cost/benefit standpoint. So I actually don’t laugh when I hear about a Southern city being shut down by snow.

    Just don’t laugh about my wife’s pen freezing:)

  2. Tim, I have a client that is still working and she wonders if she can retire from her job. I think if I knew how to use the software I could show her that she could (or couldn’t). Can we schedule a time where you could help me plug the numbers into the software and see if she can or can’t? Thanks, Bill

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