I Got a Phone Call…

September 16, 2014 by Tim Turner | Leave a Comment
I got another phone call from an advisor recently…
It’s typical.  Not sure you want all the gory details.
He called and said he had heard about our software and was thinking about getting it.  I asked him “What are you using now?”
He said he was using a tool called (BLEEPED)  (I don’t want them to try to sue us)…. and that he was just SICK of using it.
“Oh, why?”  I coyly asked having heard this same story 100 times before.
“It’s just too complicated”, he responded.  He then went on to tell me how it takes forever (i.e. 2 or 3 hours) to punch in all the data it wants.  After all that, he would print an 85 page report.  85 pages!
Can you imagine your angst when your ink cartridge runs out midway through the printing and you don’t have a spare?  Not to mention the cabinet space required to “keep a copy” for your compliance people…. Egads.
He then met with the prospect.  At some point he gave the prospect the “big report”.  He said the prospect actually said to him “What’s this?”  The advisor thought that the client would be impressed.  He wasn’t.
They proceeded to try to “go through” the big report… try to explain it… try to make sense of it… try to get the client interested… try to get the client to show any emotion and … most importantly… try to get that “eyes glazed over” look off his face.
It didn’t work.
Let me repeat that.
It didn’t work.
The big long fact finder followed by the multi-hour headache inducing data punching and the printing of the massive report… DID NOT WORK to convince the prospect to become a client. All that work down the drain… all that work for nothing.
“I’ll think about it”, the prospect said.
You bet he will.  He will think about how you wasted his time.  He will think about how he wishes he had never met you.  He will think about how he will NEVER do business with you.  You won’t be managing his money.  You won’t be selling him any annuities.
In fact, he may never talk to you again.
The saddest part of this phone conversation… is that it ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!
“How?”, you ask.  By using something MUCH SIMPLER.  By using something that TAKES LESS TIME.  By using something the prospect UNDERSTANDS.  By using something that the prospect leans into with curiosity to FIND OUT MORE.
Yep.  That’s what RetirementView does.  Gets them leaning in.  Gets them wanting you to help them.  Gets them interested in hearing more.  Gets them wanting you to fix their shortfalls…. Gets them wanting to buy annuities… Gets them wanting you to manage their money and save them from their inevitable painful “ran out of money” retirement situation….
Hopefully you can see now why so many financial advisors are mega successful using RetirementView... because it really is helpful and the clients really do pay attention and learn from it.
If you want to walk through the gates into the LAND of KEEP IT SIMPLE and to the VALLEY flowing with milk and honey, then it’s time for you to get on board… this is not some mystical magic wand, but I must say it is awfully close.
Click Here to Finally Get Going (if you haven’t already)

Hope this is helpful and… HAPPY PLANNING!

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