Your Client Data is at Risk

Sorry to alarm you but I have been saying for years that it’s just a matter of time before hackers realize there is a lot of money in retirement and investment accounts.

And then they will start trying to hack systems like Redtail, eMoney, MoneyGuide Pro, and all the other internet accessible CRM and financial planning systems.

In this InvestmentNews article it explains about how Redtail was indeed hacked.

And this article right here explains how many other systems are ripe for hacking.

What is your legal liability when client data is stolen from these online systems?

Do you really think you are immune from a lawsuit in this area?

As an attorney myself I would argue that you are a ripe target for lawsuits for such breaches of privacy.  After all you decided to put your client’s data “online” by using these various systems.

Want to keep your client data secure?

Want to sleep easy at night knowing hackers aren’t targeting your client data?

The ultimate option is to stick to desktop systems like RetirementView Pro

Not only is it easier to use than other systems, but it’s easier for client’s to understand.

And now… it’s also MORE SECURE than other systems.

Just one more advantage of using the best retirement planning software on Planet Earth.

About Tim Turner

As founder of Torrid Technologies, Tim is an expert in retirement and financial planning with over 20+ years experience designing software for companies like AXA, TIAA-CREF, Pacific Life, Sun Life, The MONY Group, Sentry Insurance, The Hartford, MassMutual, LPL and many others.

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