Retirement Spotlight

When looking for a place to retire, we all have our wishes and dreams. Many seek the sunny, warm climates while some want to move to that mountain home they’ve always wanted. Others want to move closer to family no matter where that may be.

Forbes recently published their list of  the 25 Best Places To Retire. So if you’re in the market for a new place to hang your hat, take a look at a few of the places they suggest and why.

Brevard, NC:

Brevard’s highlights include  its beautiful scenery and low cost of living. With the average home costing under $200,000 and a nice range of seasonal weather, this town makes a nice option for retirement.

Ogden, UT:

A good economy combined with a very low cost of living and low housing prices make Ogden an attractive city for retirement. Its low crime rate is an added bonus as is its high rate of volunteerism.

Austin, TX:

Austin has become well known, as of late, for being a fun town with lots of local art, music and eateries. Add it’s warm weather, and good economy and you’ve got a great place to live! It’s only down side would be its slightly higher than average housing costs but that might be easily outweighed by it’s cultural vibe.

Port St. Lucie, FL:

Want a warm, sunny, beach to spend your retirement years? You might look at Port St. Lucie for its low cost of living and low average home prices. A low crime rate is a bonus to this costal town. Your family and friends are sure to visit! Is that a plus or minus?

See the full article at


Where would you like to retire? We want to hear what you think.



4 Things Mt. McKinley Taught Me About Business


Mt. McKinley

My oldest son Zac got accepted into the UGA vet school this year, a big accomplishment after years of hard work on his studies.  I got to thinking about rewarding him with a trip and decided to make it a father-son getaway so that we could spend some time together before his intense 4 years in vet school.

When I asked him where he wanted to go, he said he’d always wanted to go to Alaska and see Denali and Mt. McKinley.  I was suprised because I had never heard him even talk about Alaska.  Growing up in the hot south, we tend not to be “snow people”.  After doing some research I realized this could be a great trip for us.

I asked Zac “Hey were you thinking of this as trying to climb Mt. McKinley because that is pretty difficult”.  He said no he just wanted to go hiking and just be able to see the wilderness up there.

Our trip took quite a bit of planning to set up.

1). First lesson I learned is to “Plan Ahead”.  Since we travel a lot I know this already, but this trip re-enforced the notion.  We had a hard time booking just about the entire trip.  It was not easy to find flights that fit our time frame, so it included a return trip on the “red eye” flight.  We could only get one night at the Denali Lodge so could not stay there more than one night.  Since some of the tours left at 5am you had to be there the day before.

This left us with only one option – to see Denali and drive to Talkeetna afterwards.  Based on all that we got the last 2 seats on one of the eight hour tours into Denali. If you haven’t been there, almost all of the tours require you to get on a bus and have the national park service shuttle you out an back.


Tim and Zac in Denali

So I almost messed up the entire trip by not booking early enough.  We managed to put an itinerary together by the skin of our teeth.

2). Second lesson I learned was to “Set Goals”.  Without setting goals our businesses flounder.  We don’t know where we are going or how we are getting there. And we need to measure “something” in relation to those goals.

For our trip to Alaska, Zac enunciated the goal as to “visit Denali and see Mt. McKinley”.  So that isn’t that specific but for travel it is enough.  For our businesses that would usually be too vague.  “Improve customer service” might be an overarching theme but not really a specific “goal”.   “Answer all inquiries within 30 minutes” is a more specific goal.

Our goal did get more specific when the only window we had to go was between August 1st – 6th.  So a set budget, a set tim frame, a set target of sites… now you see why this whole trip reminded me of “business” a little bit.

3). The third lesson I have is to “execute a plan to reach your goals”.  This is where most people fall down.  They never follow through.  It’s all just a bunch of talk.  In this case, I did the hard work and the research and booked the trips.  I paid all the deposits.  I booked the plane flights.

Then we really executed the plan by actually going.  We got to go Salmon fishing out in the bush.  To get there we had to take a plane which I had to arrange in advance.  We had to get up at 6am to get out there.  Zac triumphantly caught a silver.  I caught other fish but not the silver salmon.  Apparently they weren’t running this year for some reason.

We rented a car and drove to Denali enjoying the sites and vistas the entire way.  We got to go on our tour into Denali… eight hours on a bus.  Four hours into the park and then four hours to get bac


Er, what is that in the brush?

k out.  Did you know that Denali is 2 million acres?

We got to see several bear families – typically a mom and two cubs, moose, and elk.  We got pictures of them literally walking by the bus.  The wildlife pretty much ignore the buses as if they weren’t there (unless someone makes a lot of noise).
4). The fourth lesson I have is to “persevere in the face of setbacks and failure”.  We all encounter problems, setbacks and failure at times – both in life and in business.  When we got far enough into Denali to see Mt. McKinley… we couldn’t.  It was an overcast day with rain at times.  All of the peaks were shrouded with gray.  The guide said you are more likely to see bears than Mt McKinley and he was right.

But we had come so far to give up.  OK I’d like to say we rented gear and decided to hike towards it but that wasn’t possible.  You can’t get a permit except through a lottery even to walk out there on your own.  Plus our schedule was tight.  We drove to Talkeetna to stay at the Lodge there residing that we got to see Denali but not Mt. McKinley.  We weren’t sulking about it because it was a fabulous trip. We were having a great time.

when we awoke the next morning, I opened the curtains to see what our “mountain view” room got us. Lo and behold we were blessed to see Mt McKinley and all the peaks rising into a clear blue sky with just a few white wisps floating around.  It was glorious.  Even despite our failure the day before, we ended up succeeding anyway.  We got some great pictures of Mt. McKinley and of course some father-son pictures that I will always treasure.

Anyway I didn’t have to worry too much about Torrid Tech while we were away because we have such a great team that I can rely on.  But the memories and the lessons from this trip will last a lifetime.
DSC02430 DSC02431DSC02421  DSC02315 DSC02321 DSC02333 DSC02339

Where do you want to visit in retirement?


Azure Water around the Isle of Capri

My wife and I were blessed to be able to visit Italy this past summer.

We had never been there before but heard many good things about it.

We were able to visit Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Amalfi, Positano, Florence, Lucca and Siena.

The food was great… everywhere we went.

The views were incredible.


I think this is in Florence…might be Siena though

The memories…

It was like a “retirement” trip of a lifetime, although we aren’t yet retired.

I hope that when we do finally retire we can take more trips like this.


Positano Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Where would you like to go visit either now or when you are retired?

Let me know by commenting below.





National Dog Day

OK so this isn’t really “retirement” related… but I felt like posting

about today being NATIONAL DOG DAY.

2014-08-26 14.42.21 small

Hi, I’m Yodel!

Yep, that’s right.  One of America’s most popular holidays is today August 26th.

In honor of National Dog Day, I thought I’d share a picture of our mascot

here at Torrid Technologies.  His name is “Yodel” and he is a full bred

Siberian Husky.  On many a hot summer day he wonders why he can’t

live in Alaska or some place cooler!

Are you celebrating National Dog Day?

Click on “Comment” to post a pic of your dog if you like and tell us why YOUR DOG should be honored on “National Dog Day”.

(OR a link to a photo on the internet somewhere if the system does not let you post it.)

And be sure to note whether your dog is “still working” or “already retired”.  🙂



Tulips and Azaleas at the Biltmore

In one of my last emails I mentioned the Tulips in the Spring.  I showed a picture of flowers at the Biltmore but it did not include the “tulips”.

To remedy the situation here is my picture of the tulips at the Biltmore (from 2013):

Outdoor picture frame for the lovely tulips at the Biltmore gardens in Asheville NC

Outdoor picture frame for the lovely tulips at the Biltmore gardens in Asheville NC


Well while we are at it here is a photo of the Biltmore from the hill out front… which is a great place to have a picnic by the way.  And another picture that shows you some of the variations of color in the azaleas when they come into bloom.

The Biltmore from the hill out front

The Biltmore from the hill out front

When the Azaleas are in bloom it is pink flowery bliss

When the Azaleas are in bloom it is pink flowery bliss

Hope you enjoy these pics!

HAPPY PLANNING so you can enjoy visiting places you love… like The Biltmore in Asheville NC!

Panic in Atlanta over…what?

Panic in Atlanta over…Impending ICE STORM

After the Snowjam a couple of weeks ago that left the city gridlocked, fear has risen to panic levels as stores have been cleaned out of bread, milk, eggs, flashlights, generators and more.

My visit to Publix last night shows you some of the scene…

No eggs left at all

No eggs left at all

Milk is almost gone...

Milk is almost gone…

Now the schools in their infinite wisdom have closed for today. The governor has declared a state of emergency in 45 counties. To be fair the north Georgia counties already have snow and ice, which makes it treacherous in the mountainous areas. Here in Atlanta, this is a picture of the roads near our office:

2014-02-11 08.54.38-small

No snow or ice YET but schools closed


When you northerners are finished laughing after seeing that picture… please send me a new carburetor for my Generac generator. When the real ice hits on Wed and Thursday it is supposed to leave a half inch of ice on everything. When ice hits down south it covers the trees and they snap in half and fall on the power lines… knocking out power of course. So when it’s in the 30s and you have no heat… it’s not fun.

So we are braced for “icemaggedon” here in Atlanta. How’s the weather in your area? Someone from Miami or San Diego please post some warm climate pics or at least some encouraging words for all of us facing “Icemaggedon”.

Bill Walton, Cactus, and a sweet Porsche

Phoenix Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix Arizona

2014-01-15BiltmoreSign Jan 13-15 I visited the Phoenix Biltmore Hotel for a conference for the NPH Broker/Dealers of SII, INVEST Financial, Investment Centers of America and NPC National Planning Corp. While we were there, they were bringing in a lot of classic cars that were going to be auctioned off that weekend.


1966 Porsche 906 Carrera

We got to see a lot of really cool cars as the photographer was bringing them out of the parking deck one by one to take pictures of each one of them. This white one is a 1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 racing car.  Bet you can’t guess how much this sweet baby is worth. Try $1.2 million smackers.

I think that the high bid did not meet the minimum and thus it was not sold.  But that high bid was for $1,180,000.

Here is a car you don’t see very often, or at least I don’t. It’s a red Ford GT.  It sold at the auction for a mere $225,500!  Note that we saw the keys on the seat and it was a regular ordinary Ford key fob, just like the one we use for our Ford Expedition.  Nothing fancy… I guess the GT owner’s key fob will eventually break just like mine has (if they lock and unlock this baby thousands of times).  On second thought, they will probably let this one sit in a garage most of the time.


2005 Ford GT

Now this green dream boat is one sweet ride! But I must admit I didn’t know what it is. I looked at the auction website and found out it was a

1940 Mercury ‘Custom’ Coupe by Charles Marr and Gerry Huth

It sold for $107,250!


1940 Mercury Custom Coupe






This Lemon beauty is no lemon! It’s just lemon color, as you can tell.
This sun soaked baby is a 1954 Kaiser-Darrin Roadster and it sold for $126,500 at the auction.







Bill Walton was one of the speakers at the conference. He told great stories about John Wooden and numerous other basketball personalities. He talked about his 36 surgeries including his severe spinal problem that was finally fixed a couple of years ago after much agony. Bill was a great guy and stayed for pictures and autographs afterwards.


Bill Walton and Tim Turner



Thanks for reading… hope you enjoy these cool pics.

If you want to see the final results from the auction, and browse these sweet babies you can visit the RM Auctions website.  Note all of the car pictures on this Torrid-Tech blog were taken by me personally…

And for those that did not get our RetirementView software at the NPH Conference.  You can check out the special packages that end this week at

Thanks for reading and… HAPPY PLANNING!

-Tim Turner



End of Year Retirement Planning

The end of the year is coming up.  What are you doing to plan for it?

What are you doing for any end of year retirement, investment planning, or tax planning?

If you are a financial advisor, please post your suggestions and ideas for others to read.

Thanks and hope you have a GREAT holidays!

Christmas Presents Under the Christmas Tree

Christmas Presents Under the Christmas Tree

Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert or Dish?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert, treat, or dish?

Please post your thoughts below… and from all of us at Torrid Tech… have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Doceur-de-france Dessert Case - Pumpkin pie on the bottom

Doceur-de-france Dessert Case – Pumpkin pie on the bottom

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