National Dog Day

OK so this isn’t really “retirement” related… but I felt like posting

about today being NATIONAL DOG DAY.

2014-08-26 14.42.21 small

Hi, I’m Yodel!

Yep, that’s right.  One of America’s most popular holidays is today August 26th.

In honor of National Dog Day, I thought I’d share a picture of our mascot

here at Torrid Technologies.  His name is “Yodel” and he is a full bred

Siberian Husky.  On many a hot summer day he wonders why he can’t

live in Alaska or some place cooler!

Are you celebrating National Dog Day?

Click on “Comment” to post a pic of your dog if you like and tell us why YOUR DOG should be honored on “National Dog Day”.

(OR a link to a photo on the internet somewhere if the system does not let you post it.)

And be sure to note whether your dog is “still working” or “already retired”.  🙂



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