Can You Afford to Live to 100?

This week on May 19th, 2016 my wife’s grandmother Vivian celebrated her 100th birthday in Huntsville, Alabama.

Last weekend we celebrated her birthday at a party at her retirement home.


Vivian was in great spirits and happy to see everyone celebrating with her.

Of course we had a huge birthday cake for her.


It got me thinking about “what does it take financially to live to 100”?

Have you thought about that at all?  What if you make it to 100 and beyond?

Of course, using the RetirementView software you can run some scenarios out to 100 and see how your finances play out.

If you want to use the Consumer version of the software to plan for yourself or for you and your spouse, then go here to get going.

Vivian doesn’t hear all that great so I didn’t get to quiz her on the “Secret” to living such a long life.  But I do know she has been a big vegetable and fruit eater all her life.  She also was meticulous about getting to all her doctor’s appointments.


If you wonder whether you can financially handle living to age 100, then again you can go here to get going on the software.  Build your own picture.  See how your investments and income items will work together.  You will know pretty quickly in red if you aren’t going to make it.  And more importantly, you will be able to make adjustments and see what types of changes will help you make it for the long haul.

May you be blessed to live to 100 just like Vivian.  Thanks and Happy Planning.


-Tim Turner


About Tim Turner

As founder of Torrid Technologies, Tim is an expert in retirement and financial planning with over 20+ years experience designing software for companies like AXA, TIAA-CREF, Pacific Life, Sun Life, The MONY Group, Sentry Insurance, The Hartford, MassMutual, LPL and many others.

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