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When looking for a place to retire, we all have our wishes and dreams. Many seek the sunny, warm climates while some want to move to that mountain home they’ve always wanted. Others want to move closer to family no matter where that may be.

Forbes recently published their list of  the 25 Best Places To Retire. So if you’re in the market for a new place to hang your hat, take a look at a few of the places they suggest and why.

Brevard, NC:

Brevard’s highlights include  its beautiful scenery and low cost of living. With the average home costing under $200,000 and a nice range of seasonal weather, this town makes a nice option for retirement.

Ogden, UT:

A good economy combined with a very low cost of living and low housing prices make Ogden an attractive city for retirement. Its low crime rate is an added bonus as is its high rate of volunteerism.

Austin, TX:

Austin has become well known, as of late, for being a fun town with lots of local art, music and eateries. Add it’s warm weather, and good economy and you’ve got a great place to live! It’s only down side would be its slightly higher than average housing costs but that might be easily outweighed by it’s cultural vibe.

Port St. Lucie, FL:

Want a warm, sunny, beach to spend your retirement years? You might look at Port St. Lucie for its low cost of living and low average home prices. A low crime rate is a bonus to this costal town. Your family and friends are sure to visit! Is that a plus or minus?

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