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Torrid Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation based outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  We specialize in Quick, Simple, and Visual retirement planning software.  We also invented web-based financial planning and today our WebCalcs® software is used by Fortune 500 financial companies.

Torrid Tech was founded in 1993 by Timothy Turner who wanted a software program to help him decide how much to save in his 401(k) plan at work. After creating an Excel spreadsheet, he decided to go all in and get a Mac, printer, modem and some development software. The first version was designed in an object-oriented language called Prograph that ran on a Mac LC II. it was called “$401K Planner” and sold as “shareware”.  The first year after it was released, only 7 people liked it enough to mail in $10 each.

Undeterred, Tim continued to improve the program, got a website in 1994 and had a buddy code the first Windows version of the software (Dave Monty). He also invented the first “Retirement Calculator” to run on a website to use in marketing.  The idea was for visitors to use this simple web tool, but if you want something more robust buy the Windows or Mac version.

Since that time Torrid Tech has re-written the program 3 times in different languages, improving the program each time. Today it is used by thousands of consumers, financial advisors, insurance agents, and CPAs to do visual retirement planning. The innovative interface of RetirementView makes retirement planning both conversational and engaging.

In addition, Torrid Tech’s WebCalcs software has been used over the years by companies like TIAA-CREF, Pacific Life, MassMutual, Sun Life, AXA, MONY, Protective Life, Norwest Bank, Captrust, Sentry Insurance, JANUS, Franklin-Templeton, Omaha Bank, and others.


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