Fast Forward Your Retirement Date

It’s almost the weekend!retirement - Weekend

Does a life in retirement make you dream of simpler times? Time to spend with family and friends?  This weekend my family and I are looking forward to spending time with family on a weekend camping trip. We have lots of fun activities planned – s’mores, bike riding, games, etc. We’ve been preparing for this for quite a while so everyone is excited that it’s finally here. There are few things in life more relaxing to me than sitting in the woods around a campfire laughing, telling stories, catching up with friends and family. Some of you are thinking that is the worst possible idea ever! LOL! That’s ok. To each his own, right?

How are your weekend plans shaking up?

Is it necessary for you to work this weekend to complete what you couldn’t finish during the week?

Are you making plans for a fun get-away?

Are you busy, but doing things you love to do?

Do your weekend plans make you long for that time you can finally retire – whether it’s to enjoy times like this more often or to never have to work on the weekend again?

Help for your Retirement Plans

Maybe this article from US News can help you move that retirement date closer than it is now:

7 Strategies to Bump Up Your Retirement Date.

If you aren’t satisfied with your current weekend calendar, maybe some of these suggestions can help make your dreams a reality. Every step you take, however small, can have great benefits in the long run. It may feel like you aren’t making progress as quickly as you would like. Be patient. Be dedicated to your plan. Seek professional advise if you need to.

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What would be most helpful for you as you’re planning your retirement?

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