Time to Say Thanks…

Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe that November is here already, which means we are approaching the end of the year.HappyThanksgiving

In this month’s article I just wanted to write about  the first and major part of the word Thanksgiving, which is “THANKS” – to be “Thankful”.

The definition of thankful is someone feeling or showing gratitude. When you are pleased and grateful for what you have, this is an example of a time when you are thankful.   If you are a person of faith then our “Thankfulness” is often directed to thanking our creator.

I’m truly thankful for my wife, Melissa, who is a smart, beautiful amazing Godly woman and the outstanding mother of our 4 children.  She is always encouraging me in my roles as a father, a husband, a business owner, and a coach.

I’m thankful for our 4 children. Zac (23) is in vet school at the Univ. of Georgia.  Lexi (21) is married now but in her senior year at the Univ. of South Carolina.  Josh (16) is a Junior and Aaron (15) is a freshman at Fellowship Christian School in Roswell.  Anyone with kids knows that they each have their own special gifts, qualities, likes, and dislikes.TurnerFamily

As they grow up and gravitate toward “something” in life, I then can connect the dots back to other things in their life.  Zac, for instance always had a love for critters.  At the beach he’d look for crabs.  At the park he would look for snakes and bugs.  In school, he always liked science.  It makes sense he wanted to be a veterinarian!

I’m thankful for my in-laws.  Unlike most “in-laws” they support me as if they were my own parents.  They visit us often and get to spend quality time with their grand kids.  They both try to instill wisdom in our children and love them unconditionally.

I’m thankful for Torrid Tech and the journey that has gotten us to where we are today.  We have been blessed with some amazing creative juices from many people.  Our current team is clicking on all cylinders and I am so thankful for everyone that is contributing to our success.

I’m thankful for good health and the same for our family.  Sure there’s the bum knees and occasional doctor’s visits but overall we have been blessed to be healthy for the most part.

I’m thankful for all of the great customers and clients of Torrid Technologies.  Without YOU our customers we would just be an empty ghost town with tumble weeds blowing around.  When our phones ring, I try to remember how blessed we are to have them ring. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I could fill pages more about “Thankfulness”, but I’d like to turn it over to you.  What are you thankful for?  It’s a great exercise to put a little bit of joy into the holiday fuel tank.  So remember all of these things when giving thanks around your Thanksgiving table.  THANKS, Happy Planning and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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