The Surprising #1 Silent Killer in Retirement Is…

Many people are concerned about retirement finances, but that’s not the ONLY thing to worry about…

Brian Stoffel of The Motley Fool posted a fascinating article recently about what exactly the #1 silent killer in retirement really is. I was stunned! He said that the greatest silent killer is — Loneliness!

He states:

Before rolling your eyes, hear me out. In 2013, Merrill Lynch and Age Wave (MLAW) conducted a study asking pre-retirees what they would “miss most about work when they retire.” Here’s what they had to say:

  • Reliable income: 38%
  • Social connections: 17%
  • Employer health insurance: 16%
  • Having purpose and work goals: 16%
  • Mental stimulation: 12%
    • Source: Merrill Lynch/Age Wave

So, by an enormous margin, “a reliable income” was the most popular answer.

Then MLAW followed up by asking a group of currently retired folks what they missed the most about work. While ‘”reliable income” was still relevant, the responses were starkly different:

  • Social connections: 34%
  • Reliable income: 29%
  • Having purpose and work goals: 19%
  • Mental stimulation: 12%
  • Employer health insurance: 7%


There was much more interesting information contained in his article PLUS what it means to your finances and how to avoid it.  Read more about it here.

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