Seniors Getting Locked Out of Social Security

Some seniors are being locked out of their Social Security account now for a new reason…they don’t text. Due to a new update in the system, seniors who don’t text may find themselves in a sticky situation if they need to make changes to their Social Security account.

Katie Lobosco writes in ”

“It’s a security practice most of us are familiar with. When you enter your username and password, a text message with a code is sent to your phone. You then enter that code on the website to get access to your account.

In the case of the Social Security website, a new code is required each time you log in because it expires after 10 minutes. So if you don’t have a cellphone that receives texts, you can no longer log in to your account.”

While it won’t keep you from receiving benefits, it will affect your being able to change account information such as change of address, direct deposit details and requesting a replacement Social Security card.

If you are uncomfortable with the texting features on your phone, your kids and/or grandkids can teach you everything you need to know. 🙂

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