RetirementView Software for Windows 2016 Release 1 is Ready

Torrid Technologies, Inc., a company based out of Marietta, Georgia, has recently released the 2016 version of their award-winning Retirement View software for Windows. The new version includes all of the award-winning capabilities of its predecessor, with some additional improvements. The software has been in circulation and consistently updated since 1995, and is reported as being used regularly by a number of major broker dealers, and financial advising firms.

The software was designed by the team to help individuals plan their retirement, and also for use by professionals in the finance industry looking to make improvements in the field of retirement planning for their loyal clientele. Torrid Technologies founder Tim Turner says, “This software can easily help anyone plan their retirement finances even if you aren’t that good with a computer. It’s more robust than free internet calculators.”

Currently, the Torrid Technologies, Inc. team is providing access to a free demo of the software from the company’s website at The tool is described as being easy to use, easy to learn, and uses a simple fill-in-the-blank system. It works quickly, processing accurate retirement saving plans in less than 15 minutes.

The Retirement View software for Windows can be downloaded directly from the Torrid Technologies site for both individuals and businesses. From there, potential users of the software can read the reviews of current customers, speak to a member of the team or view other products and services offered through the company.

A unique video tour of the capabilities of the 2016 software release is also available through the website, providing some insight into the upgrades and additional content which users can benefit from during the retirement planning process. This walks users through entering data such as Social Security, Pensions, investments, benefits, special expenses, and other cash disbursements. It also shows why using a basic online calculator for this type of planning is inefficient.

Price varies between the personal edition, couple’s edition, and professional edition, but both offer the same colorful graphics, real-time experience, and uncomplicated process to provide users with effortless planning potential. The company invites interested parties to download the trial version and see for themselves.

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