Ideas For Retaining Customers

Retaining a customer is just as important as getting a new customer when it comes to improving your financial top and bottom lines.  According to, the average business loses around 20 percent of its customers each year by failing to attend to customer relationships. The site found that in some industries, this leakage is as high as 80 percent.

Keep your clients and customers happy

Once you’ve won over a customer, stay in touch with them. Keep them informed of any new products and/or services you have started. You could even sweeten that by offering them a discount. notes that giving a gift, or free sample or trial, are great ideas, but this works best if you use the “element of surprise.” According to Inc, “People naturally remember when something surprised in a good way because it came out of nowhere, so you want to leave that lasting impression.”

Use psychology

According to, psychology studies have shown that people view their service experience as more positive when they don’t feel rushed. But they like it when the service includes an effort to find more about their key interests.

Create a marketing campaign

Marketing campaigns can be useful not only because they attract new customers but also because they remind your old customers to come back. Remember, don’t discount too deeply, it will affect your profits.

Good old fashioned kindness

Call your customers just to ask if they are continuing to enjoy their purchase.

When the customer is not right

Understand that there are some customers you will never be able to keep. They will complain and make demands, and regardless of your efforts to please them, they won’t be happy. For these types of customers or clients, it may be best to let them go. The time and money you spend on trying to retain them won’t be worth it.

What has worked well for you?  We would love to hear your success stories!

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