How Do You Stay Excited About Your Job?

Pre-season football is all about motivation. The second and third-string players might have one shot to prove their worth. If they don’t, the consequences can be ruthless and rapid.

Entrepreneurs might sometimes wish motivation was that simple.

How do you stay engaged when

  • your plays fail,
  • your team is losing, or
  • the game is boring?

Successful business people have their ways of staying alert on the field.

Writing for Fortune, Julie Smolyansky, CEO and president of Lifeway Foods, recommends checking up on competitors to see what others are doing. This review may give you the competitive spark you need to crank up your game.

Lee Polevoi, writing for Intuit, advises business owners to find their original entrepreneurial spark. What was originally the source of your inspiration and vision? Reconnect.

Most writers on motivation talk about goal setting. Write precise goals. Don’t let negative thoughts get in your way. Set future goals now.

Many entrepreneurs had already set a goal when they created the original business plan. If you have one of these plans, it might be time to review it. According to, start-ups are 90 percent likely to survive the first 18 months of business if they’ve written a business plan.

Many things might have changed since your original business plan, but it was once your playbook. Imagine you are a startup trying to outline your vision, attract investors and draw up a new game play for the next year or 10 years. Maybe writing a new business plan today can help you clarify your motivation.

Finally, if you wonder about how your business is really doing, talk to customers. Find out how you have helped them and how you could do better. Then do it.

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