Broke NFL Athletes – why do they fall so fast?

August 12, 2013 by Tim Turner | Leave a Comment

In a recent article about ex-NFL starting quarterback Vince Young, he has fallen on hard times, having lost his money and is also losing all of his properties.  Why doesn’t the NFL Players Union teach these guys about some basics of finance?  Perhaps some basics of living after the NFL in their retirement?

These guys tend to not save money, put money into bad investments, let shady characters squander their money, and through it all they don’t have the resources to continue the mega-lifestyle they set up for themselves.

Does anyone even tell them that their real estate will be foreclosed on if they can’t pay the taxes after their playing days are gone?  Does anyone tell them to downsize their lifestyle when they finally are cut for the last time and are out of the NFL?

What do you think they should do to teach NFL players about retirement?  Share your ideas here.

You can read about Vince Young’s recent property woes on USA Today in article titles “Vince Young is being forced to sell all his stuff” at:

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