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If you are experiencing any of the issues below, then make sure you download and install the latest and greatest patch file using the built-in AppUpdate wizard.

Known Issue: PRO VERSION ONLY: Run-time Error '9' When Creating New Client File.

PRO Version: On File -> New Client, one user reported getting a Subscript error '9' and then the program crashes. The New Client window never opens up. The issue is due to a corrupted, empty, or non-existant defaults.dat file. In most cases that file has been moved from where the program expects it, or even deleted accidentally. When a new client file is created, the first thing the program does is populate the new record with "default values" from the defaults.dat file stored on your hard drive.

Solution: Open the program. Set defaults in the text boxes all to "something". Then do File -> Save as Default Data. Then close the file. Start the software again. Do File -> New Client and the problem should be gone.

Known Issue: Another Installer Launched when starting up the Retirement Savings Planner

ALL: We have had reports of other software applications coming up with a message saying "Insert the Update CD into your CD-ROM' to continue the update. This has been reported with QuickBooks, Quicken, Microsoft Office, TurboTax, TurboTax ItsDeductible and many other applications. This is caused by a "broken .MSI install process" from a prior attempt to install those applications. It has nothing to do with our program. When our software touches the registry, it is kicking off the message to try to fix the broken MSI install process from those applications. This is sheer coincidence with our app and has nothing to do with our Retirement Savings Planner.

Solution 1: Try to finish the other installer or cancel it or remove that program from your computer....This is called a "broken MSI process" and is due to another installation that failed or was cancelled before it finished. It will go on forever unless you perform the update that Windows is asking you to perform, or unless you somehow remove that from the registry. Option 1: Cancel out of it until it stops. Then go under Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs and uninstall the program that it keeps asking you to install. Option 2: Find the CD for the program and insert it. Then either let it finish or cancel out of the install BUT LET IT FINISH before removing the CD from your computer.

Solution 2: Go to this WinHelp website with more help on this issue. If you scroll down on the explanation it will refer you to use the Microsoft's Windows Installer Cleanup utility. We've found that to clear up the problem. You will need to download, install and run that program and remove the broken installer process.

All Versions: Application Update Issues

All: The RSP software has a built-in Internet update engine that will check for new versions and walk you through downloading them. We call this system "AppUpdate" for short. IN MANY CASES THIS FEATURE IS BEING "BLOCKED" BY A FIREWALL OR OTHER SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Symptom: RSP Software "hangs" when you Exit the program and you have to kill it using End Task in the Task Manager.

Programs that are known to "block" the AppUpdate engine:

  • Norton Internet Security - firewall or the worm protection
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • CyberSitter
  • Windows Personal Firewall - worm protection

FIX: The solution varies depending on which software is "blocking" the internet access.

  • Add our software to the "allow" list or "friends" list.
  • Try turning off your firewall or worm protection and see if RSP still "hangs". This will help you narrow down which program is "blocking" our application.
  • Consider calling your software vendor to ask them how to "allow" a specific program to access the internet.

"Your handling of this problem was excellent! Keep up the good work. The program is also excellent."

- Lou Wingate

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