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“I love the retirement planning software as it is easy to view and understand the impacts from each financial area and it really helps in modeling a decision to see its impact in advance. Great product and great customer service.”

– Steve S., Jan 11, 2021

“I have been using RetirementView for many years. I find it to be a powerful, yet simple-to-use, program for forecasting my retirement needs and monitoring my progress in reaching my financial goals. Since I manage my own portfolio without using a financial planner or other investment professionals, RetirementView is an excellent and relatively inexpensive tool to help ensure I stay on track. Also, they have always been very responsive in answering any questions I have had about the the program’s functionality.”

– George Parker, Florida, April 2, 2021

“Great Financial Planning product. Great Customer service. Product easy to install, maintain and operate.. Overall good experience.”

– Truman H., Jan 7, 2021

“I have been very satisfied with RetirementView. The level of detail allowed for data entered into the software and provided within the resulting projections helps me feel confident that I can rely on the system’s accuracy and precision. In instances when I want or need to make substantial expenditures, it is extremely helpful to see their long range ramifications on future savings balances. It is also easy to update the data required by the software. Additionally, I have been pleased that Customer Support has always answered my questions quickly and clearly. I am a 13-year user and my expectations have been uniformly met or exceeded.”

– Dave P., Tennessee, March 6, 2021

“I love, and my clients appreciate this wonderful financial planning software. The retirement plan is illustrated with a wonderful graph, easy for a client to understand. Input an alternative, and the screen instantly reflects the change. A great tool, far better than a lengthy report that is rarely read.”

– Joyce B., Nov 13, 2020

“I’ve used RetirementView for approximately 10 years; five years before retiring and five years after. Unlike retirement planning software provided by my employer, I can enter a specific rate of return instead of obtaining the results based on past market performance (e.g., high, medium, low, etc.). Also, I can review my plan without requesting a manually produced update from my broker. RetirementView is easy to use and has provided all of the features I’ve needed to fine-tune and maintain my plan. I recommend this software to anyone who wants to plan their financial future or to validate retirement plans produced by others.”

– John R., Sept. 21, 2020

“Easy to use. I have been using their software for 10 years now and am very pleased.”

– Gary L., Sept. 8, 2020

“Retirement View has been a critical part of helping me manage my retirement finances for the past 14 years. They constantly improve the system and remind customer of updates available. I am completely satisfied with the capabilities of the system and the way they treat me as a customer.”

– Wayne S., July 23, 2020

[break]“I have been using RetirementView for quite a number of years.  My usage has been retirement planning after retirement. My pre retirement planning was done via Excel spreadsheets. I did not discover the program until after retirement, it clearly would have been very helpful and much easier to have RetirementView prior to retiring, it could help determine just when you want to retire and have out years of information to make that decision.

RetirementView is extremely easy to use. The entire staff is very helpful with any questions you may have.

Someone might say, “why do I need to do more planning after retirement”, well there can be many reasons: Perhaps you did not plan going into retirement, incomes may change over time, tax rates may also change over time, spending can change over time. The most important feature I use to keep all my financial life in order is the Special Expenses portion of the program.  Here you can plan out however many years you want for all kinds of special expenses you are thinking about during retirement. Special expenses could be many other that what you place in your annual budget. These things could be: purchasing a new home, purchasing a second vacation home, downsizing, a new vehicle, money to be put away for children, travel.   You can develop a large “wish list” and begin putting them in RetirementView, then see what the program puts out in terms of how your finances look like each year in your planning cycle. It is simple go back in the program and increase, decrease or delete expenditures to fit the final result you are looking for. Good input which is easy to do provides great output and satisfaction of your direction.

I highly recommend RetirementView software from Torrid Technologies, take a look at demo on their web site.”

– Curt Tollefsrud, MN, March 28, 2020

“A very simple and quick setup process for my client records. Creates an very simple report that I give to my clients. The note/remarks page of report is where I make reminder notes. When I do a review with my client 6 months in the future. The notes help a lot. I have tried several software before. I hope Torrid Tech keep things simple and affordable. I have Torrid Tech for about 5 years. Love it!”

– Randy D. via BBB, March 23, 2020

“I have enjoyed this program for years. It has a lot of flexibility to let me have multiple scenarios to look at future outcomes. Simple and can do a lot with just a few screens.”

– Larry K. via BBB, Jan 22, 2020

“Thank you, so much! Love your product! It relieves stress about retirement and finances.

– Del Ball, OR, December 31, 2019

“I have been using RetirementView software for more than 15 years. I wrote to you many years ago, describing how beneficial it was for me as I was considering different scenarios for retirement. Well, I finally retired. Honestly, the RetirementView program helped influence my decision about the timing of retirement. More Importantly, it reduce my “financial” anxiety level to nearly zero. I’ve tracked my current expenses and determined what sufficient retirement expenses will be. After plugging in income from Social Security, personal investments and my IRA/401 plans, I used RV’s ability to factor-in Special Expenses and Cash Infusions (like spending less as I grow older). Then I factored-in taxes. Potentially complicated accounting made easy. Unquestionably, by helping to define my future financial security, RetirementView has greatly contributed to making my retirement a well planned adventure, rather than a poorly planned obligation.

– Dr. David Hoffman, NY, August 31, 2019

“I have been using Retirement View, Couples edition for several years now ever since I retired. I didn’t get to use it while I was still working but it has been an effective tool for visualizing my retirement plan ever since. I can see where it would be useful if I were still working.

I use the Special Expenses for all of my expenses and do not use the Goal for my expenses. Using the Special Expenses enables me to budget all of my expenses and project into the out years when I expect them to change. I make changes to my budget based on perceived risk and inflation for each of the expenses as I see them change. I tend to be conservative in my projections for inflation and returns on my investments. The program is very flexible and easy to use and I really appreciate the response I get when I have an issue or question.

To me the price of the software is well worth it for the comfort I get from knowing that my money will last through my and my wife’s lifetimes”.
Thank you Torrid Technologies,

– Bill LaCombe, AZ, February 1, 2019

“I use the software frequently, and utilize the provided data input options to fine-tune my retirement planning… I really appreciate the ongoing updates. They have been useful, and it’s great to see Torrid Technologies continuing to invest in the software to make it better and ensure accuracy. There is a lot at stake if you are using it to plan your future financial health. I am mainly a MacBook/Apple user. It was fantastic to see that platform added and supported in recent years.”

– Jimmy Greene, WA, January 25, 2019

“I am retired now. This comes in pretty handy as we continue to make financial decisions in retirement. I’ve recommended this product to many people. I find it an extremely helpful tool.”

– Jordan Whitmire, January 22, 2019

“The [RetirementView] product is excellent and has been very helpful to me in planning for the future! Thanks again!”

– Sean McMillan, GA, October 18, 2018

“Sure, quote away. I think using the program gave me the confidence that we could afford to move to (expensive) Maui to continue our retirement would be a good quote.
As for your question: And/or if you could tell someone that is moving towards retirement something about why they should try ours vs all the free calculators and other programs out there…. what would you tell them? The first thing I would say is that anyone smart enough to realize
they need a financial plan or a retirement plan, is smart enough to
realize that ‘cheapest’ should not be a criterion for evaluating
planning software
With regard to ‘free calculators’ the old saying ‘You don’t get
something for nothing’ rings a bell. These companies know what
their free calculators are worth. And, why waste your time and
effort learning the ins and outs of an inferior program, when people
can get a free trial of your superior program.
Hope the above is useful. Thanks again for your excellent software.”

– Tom Collett, Hawaii, Novemeber 19, 2018

“I have been using this software for about 8 yrs?? or so. I still love it! It helped me so much when I was preparing for retirement. Now that I am retired, I still use it to assure myself I have enough money to live to a ripe old age. Before I retired, I visited a professional investment counselor/retirement planner. He had very similar software, I think, and I liked to compare my software’s results with his. Little unexpected things always change and come up, and the software allows me to constantly tweak inputs and see the results. I was an accountant, and am very hand’s on about money and calculations, so it was essential for me to have something I could use at home. I realize some folks would not want to do that, but this software is so easy, anyone can use it.

– Nancy Lyter, TX, August 6, 2018

I have highly recommended your software to friends who have been looking for a planning tool. Having used it for several years I found that it easily handled a level of detail that I wanted without being overly complicated. Recognizing that professionals might do a Monte Carlo analysis of one’s plan and assumptions I have always used conservative portfolio growth assumptions  and have been pleasantly surprised when we did better ( but that’s my conservative nature .)The software saw me thru deciding when to accept an exit package in a takeover situation, plan for worse case scenarios if my next venture did not pan out ( which turned out very well ) and make decisions about how to help my children with their mortgages without hurting ourselves  in our retirement plan.

Although it took some work to set all the detail up , it generally only requires a quarterly update to be sure your on track. Now that I am retired ( but consulting part time ) I find that it is making me feel better about making the transition about spending vs saving….. not as easy as it might seem to someone who hasn’t retired!

I feel confident about my retirement because this tool provides me with the planning resource to look forward.”

– Bob Miller, MA, June 1, 2018

I like that it’s simple. Now that I’m retired, it’s important that I know how much I can spend.”

– Dan K., Warrenton, VA, March 23, 2018

“Thanks.  Have been using RV for many years starting with Single and moving to couples which is great. Love the Product.

– Bruce Allen, PA, March 22, 2018

“Hi Tim,

Yes, unfortunately my wife of 20 years passed away last July. I had spoken to Suzi earlier about the change. She was very helpful.

I would like you to know that your software was helpful in my decision to retire early so that we could spend more of her last years together. Of course I confirmed my choices by going over them with my financial advisor, but your software made it easy to run the numerous “what if” scenarios to come up with proposals to present to my advisor and help me realize that I could safely retire earlier than planned. I hope you will be happy to know that the results calculated by your software closely mirrored the results of my advisor’s (Edward Jones) proprietary program. Using your program made me better prepared for each meeting with my advisor. I’m sure she appreciated that too!

Though I dislike ‘subscription’ model software, In your case I can see that it is appropriate due to the need to keep everything up to date and accurate and improving (though please don’t make unnecessary changes just for the sake of looking “improved” (ala MS Office, Apple, etc))!

Though I have already retired (6 years ago), I keep your program handy and current to adjust my plans as time passes. I recently had to recalculate everything when I made my choices regarding how and when to take survivor benefits from Social Security.

Thank you for making such an excellent product and your continuing improvements. I tout “Retirement View” to others whenever I get the opportunity. I look forward to seeing the improvements of the last two version iterations! “

– Michael Brown, Woodside, CA, May 5, 2017

“Just last weekend I reviewed every entry I had in Retirement View, corrected or modified about 6 things and took great comfort about what my future financial condition will be (assuming the world doesn’t go to hell in the meantime). That one weekend alone was worth the $150 subscription price. I move towards my 67 birthday and 12/31/17 retirement with a great deal of confidence regarding my financial picture, largely thanks to your software.

– John Brodar P.E., Arizona, March 23, 2017

“BTW I really love Retirement View.  The interface is easy to use/understand, it does a great job presenting the data I need and the color variations are very useful for quickly finding what I’m looking for.  Great job!”

– Patti S., Colorado, December 23, 2016

“I believe I probably was one of your earliest customers. I have reached the goal of retirement planner, and have retired. Comfortably, thanks in part to your product.  Thanks for the advice over the years.”

– Jim Callicott, South Carolina, August 17, 2016

“As an employee of AT&T, I recently made an analysis of recent pension options to review various scenarios using the ReitrementView program.  In addition I also had an advisor at Morgan Stanley run an estimate and the end results were similar in the outcome in comparison to the one that the RetirementView software generated.  AT&T also offers online WEB based tools thru Fidelity and Financial Engines, but you can’t go into the granular detail on data inputs on those tools that you can with the RetirementView program.  You also see immediate results from “what-if” analysis.  I have found the RetirementView program invaluable in my own personal financial planning.”

– Marc Hanan, Oklahoma, May 13, 2016

“My wife and I have used the couples edition and have found it a great resource in support of our retirement planning. Although both several years out from our planned retirement dates, the software provided a very valuable perspective and the results will drive some reassessment of our plans, at this point. While we are fortunate to expect retirement income streams from a variety of sources, the retirement income graph and spreadsheet provided by the package make it clear that available income streams and expected expenses need to be balanced across a varied timeline to avoid surprises. We find RetirementView very beneficial as our horizon to retirement shortens.”

– Chris Conklin, USCG (Ret), Honolulu, February 11, 2016

“I found RetirementView easy to use and the displayed graphics were a real eye-opener. Before using RetirementView, I did not appreciate the affect of inflation. Now I have a better understanding of how the inflation rate, COLAs, investment rate of return and taxes can affect the longevity of my retirement income. “

– Art Shapiro, California, October 19, 2015


“In my late 60’s, while searching for retirement software, I came across Torrid Technologies.  Your software has completely changed my life.  No longer do I worry about “will I run out of money”, I know when I will.  Your software is simple, easy to use, and more important, easy to understand.  Based upon Torrid Tech software, I can intelligently budget, adjust my investment mix,  schedule another vacation.  In short, as I approach 80, I have peace of mind.  Thank You.”

– Paul Lasko, Maryland, October 13, 2015



– Kim K., Port Saint Lucie, FL, July 29, 2015 (didn’t want her last name listed)


“I have greatly benefitted from your retirement planner for many years… Thank you.”

– John Dykstra, Hopkins, MI, June 26, 2015


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“I have been using your excellent retirement program for the last 2-3 years and it has been extremely beneficial helping Donna and I slide from the work force to a happy retirement. …Thank you for the excellent program and your excellent on-line help.”

– Bruce Winder, Pine River, Minnesota, April 22, 2013


“One of the reasons that I am a long time user of your software is not only because it ROCKS but also because of the quick and personal service that you provide, just like this time. I really appreciate it! “

– Jon Scott, Westminster, Colorado, April 19, 2013


“Thanks very much. Your software was the lynch pin in helping me decide when I could retire from a financial standpoint. Now that I’ve been retired several years, I’m really looking forward to using it again to help determine our future cash flow. This is a great product!

– Richard Johns, Phoenix, Arizona, August 15, 2012


“So yes, it has been helpful and extremely impactful. I’d actually been looking for a tool like yours for years.”

– Juliette C., Massachusetts, August 14, 2012


“This is a terrific program! It runs circles around the Quicken Financial Planner I had been using. I can now enter individual investments with individual rates of return and differing tax categories rather than just taxable and deferred tax categories all combined with a single rate of return. The “what ifs” appear to be limited only by the imagination of the user, and the spreadsheets with RMD by year and other information are great. Finally, the displays and operations areso user friendlythat my wife has taken an interest in it (she wouldn’t go near QFP). Again, thanks for getting us started. “

– Ray Mattle, Texas, October 28, 2011


“Love the program by the way. Have used “Real World Retirement” and “Pre- & Post Retirement Planning” and they don’t come close to the power and ease of entry as RSP!!”

– Art Kingsley, Maryland, May 17, 2011


“My wife and I have found the Retirement Planner 2011 to be a most valuable tool. We are within just a couple of years of retiring and the Planner hasenabled us to explore many different scenarios :Every time we use the Planner, we discover another level of power and useful detail that has been built into the software. We have also appreciated your very quick response to our questions. Your answers have always cleared up our confusions and opened up new ways to analyze our situation. Again, thanks for all your help and support. We highly recommend the Retirement Planner to anyone who needs to evaluate different retirement options.”

– Ron and Sharon E., Minnesota, May 5, 2011


“And I might add, I have loved doing business with you and you guys probably top Mariner, which is a company designing primarily mac software, as the best customer service and awareness of any companydoing business on the internet. Great product and service and whatever becomes of a mac version, best of luck to you guys!!”

– Jim Trott, California, March 29, 2011


“Thanks again for a great program. It is totally giving us peace of mind as we get ready to take the retirement plunge.”

– Kathi C., Oklahoma, August 19, 2010


“Torrid Technologies gets an “A” for superb customer service…Thanks”

– Richard Maxwell, Houston, Texas, July 7, 2010


I love your product, by the way. I searched quite a while for some user friendly software that would do what your product does. Nothing was affordable. Most of it did too much or two little. Your product is not terribly expensive, and I love the visual graph. You can instantly see the effects of any change in your planning. I was trying to do this on my own in a spreadsheet. I was not successful, and seeing a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet just doesn’t have the same effect. I can’t remember where I heard of your product, but I loved it from the beginning, and being able to play in the demo was the selling point. Thanks so much for your prompt responses regarding support, also. “

– Nancy L., Texas , March 22, 2010


“Thank you for the prompt reply. I did receive the key and all is fine. Torrid Technologies hit a home run with the retirement product. I am an avid fan, keep up the excellent work!”

– Richard Dunkin , January 4, 2010


“Thanks for the response. I will reload the program. I have always been and continue to be happy the service you company provides.”

– Lee Jennings, Seneca, SC, Dec 3, 2009


“Thanks for the info and your plan has been very helpful in allowing me the flexability to adjust to changing times.”

– Scott Macintosh, October 22, 2009


“Sure, you can quote me. I recommend RSP to all my friends. With RSP, you can tell whether you can buy X without running out of retirement money 10 years from now. Makes life worry-free! You have such a great product — I don’t know how I could manage my retirement funds without it.”

– C. Blom, August 28, 2009


” I want to thank you for contacting me last week, and reminding me I had let my Planner subscription lapse. I had been “coasting” on my planning, and need to be active with it again. And your program for single-family use, is the best I have worked with. Quicken® and the other main-stream budgeting programs are ok for keeping track of the bits and pieces, but have never satisfied me in their “planning” mode. Best Regards and keep up the good work.”

– Jim Hooper, July 10, 2009


“Your product is intuitive and detailed, yet simple and powerful.”

– Jim Hooper, July 10, 2009


“RSP is a way to set specific assumptions and instantly see what the results of those assumptions produce RSP is simple to operate which makes it a terrific way to change financial assumptions on the fly, test variables and immediately see the outcome. I look forward to continuing to use RSP.”

– Listen to Henry F., Jan. 27, 2009


“Before my husband and I retired last year we were looking for a retirement program that would help us decide whether we would outlive our investments, while giving us the flexibility to try other alternatives and adjust the data as necessary. Your program was exactly what we were looking for. We liked your program so much, we purchased it for a 78 year old friend so he could see the result of moving his investments to muni bonds. Based on that info, he switched to bonds and has managed to escape the approx. 40% downturn in stocks. Excellent product and easy to use!
Thanks!” Sincerely,

– Carol Moore, Jan 23 2009


“Thank you very much for quick attention. Your product is crucial to my retirement which started July 1…especially after today’s market crash!”

– Michael Lenhardt, Sept. 29, 2008


“I have, in the past, purchased a number of upgrades of your company’s Retirement Savings Planner. I have found your software easy to use and very informative. In short, I have really enjoyed using it…Thank you.”

Charles Halterman, Sept. 22, 2008


“I think this software is awesome. There’s no way a person can accurately predict, much less visualize, what their retirement savings and expenses will be without a tool like this. Seriously, high schools should teach a personal finance class using your product.”

Jerry Gipson, July 24, 2008


“I’ve had the program for several years…It’s a great piece of software. I am as pleased with the customer service as I am with the software.”

Richard Joesting, June 3, 2008


“Love the program. I recommend it to friends frequently.”

Frank Bastien, April12, 2008


“The Retirement Planner product is so simple to use and easy to understand. I have had two financieal advisors tell me that products like yours exclude this or exclude that. Your product really does not exclude these things, and it works in a manner that is simple to understand, simple to use, and give me results that continue to hold up to the things the experts say I can not get in software. This product is so worth the small investment. You could give a money back guarantee over any amount of time and you would not lose clients. I have tried them all – your Retirement Product works and you have a client for life!”

Ken Branham, Feb. 26, 2008


“I have used this software for many years and I really love it. It has been a great planning tool for me.”

Jeff Paulson, Feb. 11, 2008


“Great program and I’m looking forward to using it for many years. Thanks for your assistance…”

Leon Krok, Dec. 28, 2007


“Nice program, I’m enjoying what it can do. It’s waking me up to the realities of being 51! At the end of the day I consider it money well spent.”

Tim Fitzgerald, Dec. 28, 2007


“It’s a terrific tool, with two key strengths being (1) the clarity of the graphs and output; and, (2) the ability to plan top-down, bottom-up, or in-between. Very flexible. I did a bit of research on other software and your program is the best value by far.”

Ken Anderson, July 13, 2007


“I was thrilled to discover this software when I “googled”retirement planning. It provided me with the same type of retirement analysis report that financial planners charge substantial amounts of money for. More importantly I can update it, amend it at any time with no extra fees. This software is extremely beneficial. -It forces you to organize your finanances getting a handle on your net worth, your allocation of investments, and the tax structures of each investments -Then it allows you to see a clear picture of your retirement future-taking into account yearly retirement income needed, estimated annual return on investments, inflation etc. It does a very detailed analysis. Once all information is inputed it allows you to see how close you are to your fretirement goals. The graphs here are very easy to read and interpret. Most importantly it allows you to tweak your strategy to better meet your retirment goals-either by saving more annually to retirement, achieving a better rate of return on your investments, delaying retirement by a few years. You can save the information and keep updating it as your financial situation changes. I love this software and am thrilled that I found it.”

Geryl Kramer, June 20, 2007


“I got the key and every thing is working fine. I’ve looked at a lot of different options/retirement planners and in my opinion, your product leaves all the others in the dust. It not only has all the features I could need, but has one of the best designed user interfaces I have experienced. I have at least 15 years experience with the design of User Interfaces, so that is not a meaningless opinion. Nice job.”

Chet Fryjoff, May 25, 2007


“I have to say that using your program has been an eye opener. Most folks are probably like me, they dont want some financial adviser, who costs money, telling them what to do with one’s money. As hard as it is, you have to get into the fight and figure out what is going on. With a lot of us relying on a 401k the risk is mind boggling, especially if you step into the game late in life. Thanks for the reply.”

Joe Lyle, April 30, 2007


“I really enjoy this product. I have used it for the last four years.I have been running different scenarios using your software trying to figure out when I can finally retire. The software has been a great tool for me.”

William A. Dodd, April 20, 2007


“I regularly use it and it is still the best I have found.”

Max Cortner, March 18, 2007


“I am not a financial advisor so that is why I only purchased the personal version. I love the product – I am taking early retirement this year and Retirement Savings Planner gave me the information I needed to help make that decision.”

Xavier Kleinhelter, March 3, 2007


“I just purched the couples edition. I think that it is fantastic. I am 62 and I’m sure you’ll be getting several orders from all my friends who I tell how great it is. … A few months ago I spent over $3000 with a financial planner whose program wasn’t 1/2 as good as yours.”

Joe Kelliher, February 20, 2007


“I like the program a lot. It’s a great “what if” tool and guide to the personal financial big picture.”

Allan Heilman, February 20, 2007


“Hello, first of all my wife and I must tell you that we love your product. With your product,we have a means to see that were are on our way to financial freedom by watching our investments and savings and forecasting just what we should be doing at our specific age. We have been an ambassador for this product because of its ease of use and now for your service.”

Craig and Dawn Romero


Yes, could you please send me the direct link to the update. Can’t Imagine how you can make your software much better, but I will look forward to the update.

Thanks, Tod


Great program, it has helped me a lot in my financial planning.

Bronko Kovacevic


“Back in 2000 (before I retired) I tried several pieces of software and used a couple of different financial planners. I then thought you had the best package and enjoyed playing with the assumptions. I know that in my retirement it will again help my wife and me with a better understanding of how important it is to budget and plan our expenses.
Back then (CY2000) we were trying to decide if I should take a lump sum or annuity for retirement. You would never guess, but the financial planners were pushing the lump sum. Your program helped us make the decision to take the annuity and it was the right choice. Yesterday [using the 2006 edition], I was able to “fine tune” our projected expenditure pattern and feel comfortable that we have been spending on target to live to 99. We then will have to sell some property to keep going past 100.”


Bill Price


“Tim, I don’t like to flatter or be patronizing, however you, personally, and the firm are the most client friendly business that I have ever dealt with. Whether it was in the manual or in phone conversations, the descriptions of strengths and weaknesses of your product has been direct and candid avoiding the self-serving approach that must of us show. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to be honest when you have a strong product. Either way, it is a pleasure to deal with you. Thanks for you quick response.”

Lewis Nassau


“Using the product and really enjoying it. Thanks again for all your help. You have a depth of knowledge about the product and your answers to my e-mail questions were a big reason for me purchasing it.”

George Wendt


“It’s a very simple program but it really gets the job done. You’ve got everything I need in there to cover my situation. I think it’s a great program and I have recommended it to my family.”

Bill Sturm


“The program has already been a big help. I had an analysis done by a financial planner, and I have been able to closely match his numbers with your Retirement Planner. Now I can run infinite “what if’s”, and it won’t cost me $100 each time. It has already paid for itself.”
Thanks again,

Steve Mitchell


“I have used Retirement Savings Planner for several years. It has been an excellent tool and a simple what-if way to keep the family up-to-date on general finances, investment results, long range planning, the time value of money, and what can happen when annual spending is not effectively controlled.”

James Yelverton


“I feel that anyone who is approaching retirement age can benefit from this software. With this program you can plug-in your actual nestegg numbers and answer questions concerning your retirement years. One feature I like is the ability to easily change the numbers to see what best works for your situation.”

Ralph Davis


“The Retirement Savings Planner is the most robust, user-friendly financial planning program I have ever used. With my retirement looming, I searched the internet, looking for a program which could instantly tell me whether I was on a solvent financial pathway, both now and more importantly a few years from now, when my income stream will change. The colorful graphics and moveable timeline cursor are visually captivating. And the instantly updated income and expense windows make this program FUN to use. More importantly, this is the only program I have found that can factor in the financial effect of each anticipated “cash infusion” and “special expense” as it occurs, both before and during the entire lifetime of my retirement. I can change financial scenarios and see instantaneous, accurate predictions; and I can keep track of the bottom line…do I have enough to continue the lifestyle I have chosen. It is helping me determine the advisability of purchasing a home in Florida. It is allowing me to better predict the timing of my retirement by providing a real “comfort level” about the funding of my retirement. This is an intuitive, cost-effective, visually stunning and extremely professional retirement planning program. I can confidently recommend it to anyone who has a sincere interest in their financial future.”

David Hoffman M.D.


“I just wanted to express my gratitiude for your real time help. It was very cool. The product itself is wonderful. Both products – RSP and your remote support solution. I just did an analysis based on pretty complex post retirement home buying, and it really works to aid in decision making. I was looking at selling my house and buying another in another state and securing a 15 year interest only loan. RSP did a great job in evaluating several options for me in a matter of about one hour.”

Robert Keller


“I recently retired early. My background is in finance and I have used a number of costly financial planning programs. None of which get to the heart of what is required for retirement planning, which is simplicity. If the program is too complicated to use it has no value. But your Retirement Planner program is the easiest planner I have ever used. It allows me to make intelligent choices for my family’s future. It takes just a few minutes to put in the essential data and you have immediate access to your financial future. The graphs and spreadsheets are easy to understand and the inputs can be changed over and over to consider any possible scenario, including different investment returns, social security, cash infusions, and many more.

“I recommend this to all my friends who are considering retirement and to all those who want to seriously plan for their future. This is the kind of financial information most of us need for planning our retirements and financial planners would be well served to consider using your Retirement Planner when meeting with clients. You have created a wonderful financial tool that is both simple to use and affordable for all. This is the best investment I have made to date.”

Douglas Cleveland


“Thanks for your help. This is one of the easiest to use programs I’ve ever used. The team is to be commended for an excellent product.”

Larry Konty


“Your program is very easy to use and the results easy to interpret while allowing me to take into account the variables that may occur between now and the end of my life. The reasonable price made it a worthwhile purchase even though I had access to free programs (like the retirement planner that comes with Quicken® — which was complex and was not transparent in how the inputs affected the outputs). The icing on the cake is the responsive tech support.”

Steven Chiang, University of Hawaii


“As a recent retiree, I cannot envision planning our future without regular access to your planner. Thanks for your help.”

Dave Willett


“In the four years I have used Retirement Planner, I have had the occasion to recommend it to many of my friends.
a) when discussing retirement finances – RP as a predictor
b) when discussing advisors and fees – RP + index funds as a low cost alternative
c) when discussing investment allocations – RP scenarios help find lowest risk path to goal
In all three cases, I mention RP as an easy-to-use tool, even for computer novices. If we happen to be near a computer, I always download the demo for them to play with.
I can tell you really care about your product. I’m sure I echo the appreciation of all of your users when I thank you for this powerful little tool. ”

Rick Trow


“Thanks! I have enjoyed and used your product for a long, long time.”

Pete Wallner


“I’ve tried four other retirement planning programs, including one from a major broker, and this is the easiest to use, gives the most accurate results, and has the best graphs and charts. I’m very pleased and I highly recommend it.”

Richard Johns


“Excellent timeliness on your response. Thank you for the reply and service.”

James Callicott


“When I decided I need to get some software to start planning for retirement, I tried several programs including FPlan Financial Advisor Series, J&L Software Retirement and Financial Planner and ISG Personal. Torrid’s Retirement Savings Planner was the only one that a guy like me who runs a furniture business can understand. I have a nervous wife and there’s something about sitting with my wife and having her give input into the system. When the software changes instantly and also prints out our plan, then she no longer thinks I’m just making it up. It helps her to climb into the boat with me and get “on board” with the plan. It’s rare that most couples see eye-to-eye on finances. Using the RSP software, we can ease into our plan together, and when she looks at the software it helps her to relax. I have already recommended it to others and will do so again when the opportunity arises. “

Steve Claypool


“WOW! I have your Personal edition program running. Looks like a Model T is now a Cadillac. Thanks for your hard work.”

Jerry Stegenga


“I love the program. It’s a neat little thing. It’s save me a lot of time and it’s easy to use.”

Terry Crouse


“I downloaded and tried a lot of other programs on the Internet, but they were confusing and cumbersome. I was turned off before I had barely started. The visual nature of [Retirement Savings Planner] draws you in because it is a lot easier to understand. It’s not complicated and cumbersome like the other software programs I tried.”

Geoffrey Smith


“I am rapidly approaching the age where I am seriously comtemplating retirement. I have tried many programs but this is fantastic. With other programs I have to “trick” them somehow or another to input my parameters. This program allows great flexibility. I am no financial guru but this retirement program allows me to really see how my retirement savings will both grow and be spent. And to boot I have had the best support…two times I had problems (not due to program problems…operator error) and the support provided was immediate. I even got a phone call on a Saturday….can’t beat that for service.”

Lee Pinder


“It is a simple and easy to understand program.”

Gray Morrison


“First of all I much appreciate the quick and prompt customer service .. yours is the best I’ve encountered so far in terms of Internet vendors.”

Mike Goss


“I have already referred several people to your software. I think it’s great. I use it often to plot out different scenarios to get me to my retirement goals.”

Jeanne Hinkle


“Quicken® was more trouble than it was worth, and I got the new version for free as a gift. Torrid’s [Retirement Savings Planner software] serves my planning purposes perfectly; it provides an ease of use with meaningful results that allows for a virtually endless series of “what ifs”. AND, my wife can understand the results!

Marty Steckel, Esq.


“The response time of Torrid-Tech Support is really great. And, the program also appears to be a winner.”

Jerry Schiowitz


“I would like for you to convey for me to everyone that works on the personal Retirement Savings Planner product that I think it is a fantastic product. I have been a user since February 2003. The different scenarios that I can run by varying rate of returns, interest rates, inflation, etc. have provided me with far more useful information than the time that I have spent with financial planners. As I think of different scenarios I can use RSP to model the effects, and see the results both graphically and with the detailed spreadsheet . The addition of the various cash infusions function with the built in flexibility is a fantastic addition.”

Gerald White


“I love this software and the “other income” enhancement.”
[he was referring to the cash infusions function added in 2004]

Robert Morris


“Your handling of this problem was excellent! Keep up the good work. The program is also excellent.”

Lou Wingate


“I have run into many people lately who have all told me how difficult Quicken® is to use. I then tell them about your tool if they seem interested.”

Steve Ehlscheid, Personal Edition user


“…one of the best retirement programs I’ve ever seen.”

Paul Sweeney


“Thanks again for your help when I needed it. We’re seeing our investment counselor in a few days and the results shown in your Retirement Planner will be extremely useful to us as we plan for our retirement within the next year or so. You can quote me, if you like.”

Ed Gleaves


“Congratulations on a truly useful and well done piece of software.”

Allen Bond


“I can’t tell you how much this software has meant to our retirement planning.”

Patrick Herendeen


“Great software, best on the market. Thanks.”

Rico Orsot


“Thanks for a great piece of software everyone can use.”

Truman Trekell