RetirementView Planning Software – Testimonials from Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents

RetirementView works perfectly with Zoom. Clients can see how their retirement is effected by different inflation rates and different rates of return. I have used RetirementView to faciliate the bucket withdrawal strategy. My clients and I can easily see how much income they will need each year from their investments. This allows me to recommend how much money goes into the cash bucket, conservative and moderate buckets and aggressive bucket.

– William L. Pfadt, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Indiana, Nov. 10, 2020

“I recently completed a retirement plan, with a CPA, for his own retirement, who said ‘This is the best software I have seen so far’. If I only use the revenue that my firm received from that one plan, the cost ratio for this product is 100 to 1. I strongly recommend any serious planner take a serious look at what this company offers.”

– Jim Manna, CLU, ChFC, FL, Nov. 4, 2020

“I have spent my 25 years as a Financial Advisor looking for what I call “Simple Genius”. This software qualifies as exactly that! My personal feeling is that Advisors as a rule like to over complicate and analyse things to death. Its why many of us became advisors. We like to analyze things. The problem is most other people don’t and our over analysis is NOT helping them at all. They need simple answers they can understand that help them make big life decisions. This software tool helps offer exactly that. It makes it easier for clients and Advisors alike. And while it is simple it is robust enough to model just about any iteration of a financial retirement plan you can think of. I plan to use this software as a major component of the advice I offer for years to come. I love it, and my clients love it. And the support for this product is wonderful. They always get back to you quickly and with great help. Thank you for creating this masterpiece of “Simple Genius”.

– Antonio Filippone, TX, January 1, 2020

I love this software because it’s simple, visual and works well for all of my clients. I have been a client for 8 years now and see no reason to ever consider changing. Solid team of folks there also who really get what we need as advisors, so yes, I’m a fan!

– Daniel Goodwin, TX, December 12, 2019

“We use RetirementView as a very central part of our process. As we focus on planning for retirement, we emphasize that HAVING A PLAN is extremely important. We tell that a recent Fidelity study discovered that only 18% of retirees have a written plan at the day of retirement, and that is very unfortunate. [break] Our clients react VERY strongly and VERY positively to the RetirementView process because it gives them a very strong view of their retirement years. No one can predict the future, of course, but the Retirement View plan shows how their future looks, and provides us with the opportunity to consider options that can push the RED farther out!”

– David Braun, CA, September 9, 2019

“Torrid’s RetirementView is allowing me to open 2 to 3 MM dollars of New money a month as I do 2 workshop a month in the Community letting people know they can retire knowing they will never run out of money.”

– Mike Savarese, CA, July 1, 2019

“I’ve been using Torrid Technologies’ retirement planning software for many years. It’s been a big help to my practice. Almost all of our clients are planning for retirement and quite a few are close to retirement and want to know if they’re on track to retire. Most of them are doing all the right things, but your software takes their understanding of their situation to a whole different level. Your software provides a very clear and easy to understand picture of how they’re doing and whether or not they’re on track. It helps provide a level of clarity and peace of mind about their retirement plans that they can’t get on their own. I’ve encouraged all my clients to create an illustration and find out where they are before they start making any decisions on how they should be investing. I feel much better about working with a client after they’ve had a chance to see an illustration from your software. I can’t say enough about how big of a help it’s been for my client and for my business. There’s a big difference between feeling you are on track and seeing you are on track. Thank you!”

– Dennis Brewster, CA, June 30, 2019

I doubled my closing ratio in just a couple of months using [RetirementView Pro].”
Click here to hear how he did it.

– Alan Cantrell, February 20, 2019

“I love the software, it is easy to use and fun to show clients. Our clients love the large easy to see graphs.”

– Derek Bohne, UT, February 18, 2019

“Can input data quickly. 15 minutes you can load that up and have a report ready to print.”

– Randy Dunaway, Thomson, GA, December 6, 2018

“I have had the benefit of using almost every software program out there from Naviplan, to eMoney to Money Guide Pro to excel spreadsheets. My original training is in public accounting so you learn early on the importance of being effective and efficient at the same time. Retirement View is an extraordinarily effective cash flow/retirement planning tool for both the client experience as well as the advisor. It takes me less than 20% of the time to do a plan on RetirementView as it does on other programs.

– Tom Hines, Lowery Asset Consulting, Chicago, IL, December 5, 2018

“Love the software. People come in and just love it. It’s just so much better than 80 page reports.

– Christian Cyr, Hennepin, IL October 31, 2018

“In my office we use Retirement View in the very first meeting with potential clients. I display the software on a 56 inch TV and involve the clients immediately.
I was surprised that clients are very attentive and pay close attention to the retirement income projections.
The software allows us to display different scenarios and clients can immediately see the value of the recommendations we make.
Our value becomes immediately apparent and they are eager to schedule a follow-up meeting.
The Retirement View software paid for itself in the first meeting I used it. I hope this is helpful. This month I will close $350,000 of annuity premium using the Retirement View software.  It is a great product.”


– Pat Kerfoot CLU  ChFC  CFP, Financial Advisor,  Las Vegas, NV, September 20, 2018

“I have been using Retirement View for over 5 years and I have found it to be a game changer. The power is in it’s simplicity. For the first time, prospective clients can finally see how all the pieces of their financial life work and they clearly see if they’ll be okay for the rest of their lives. I have turned skeptics into long-term clients.”

– Robert Martinelli, Financial Advisor, Campbell, California, March 15, 2018

“I have used some very complicated planning software over the years and now that I have been introduced to RetirementView I’m finding for some folks I don’t need it. With RetirementView I can QUICKLY get to the heart of a client or prospect’s retirement outlook and while sitting right there with them make adjustments showing the impact of additional extraordinary expenses, the death of a spouse, a market correction, etc.”

What do your clients like most about it?    “The visuals are understandable and motivating! They get it!”

How has it helped you?

“I am brand new to using RetirementView, only two cases so far. However, both allowed me to easily demonstrate how my planning and portfolio design suggestions should be helpful to their big picture. That’s another way of saying I closed business in both cases and developed new valued client relationships.

– Kevne Sharpe, CFP®, Presidential Wealth, December 7, 2017


headshot-ian-james150x150“I’ve used RetirementView for about 9 years.  Before that I used a competitor’s product which was way more expensive.  With RetirementView I spend a lot less time creating plans and entering data and a lot more time discussing solutions with the client who is more engaged and interested than ever before.”  Click here to listen to Ian’s Full Thoughts

– Ian James, Financial Advisor, September 8, 2016

“I’ve used a competitor’s product which is less expensive but it just isn’t as effective as RetirementView. When I show your Retirement Income Graph to people, they would lean forward and show interest… when I showed the competitor’s product their eyes would glaze over and they would want to go home. They didn’t understand it. A client is coming in next week and I can use RetirementView to prepare an effective plan quickly, but if I used the competitor’s product, it would take too long to put something together and it is much less effective.”

– Peter Plant, Lincoln Financial, November 5, 2015


“I’m using Retirement View on each planning case now. Just this morning I had clients thank me for the clear, concise and graphic representation of their retirement income and the sources of that income. Kudos!”

– Robert Hart, Securities America, October 13, 2015


davidkinderEvery financial advisor who works directly with clients in a planning context should be using Torrid Technologies RetirementView software. It should be the standard in retirement planning tools, just as the HP 12c financial calculator is for investment professionals. It is the only tool that I’ve found that you can use when you first approach a potential prospect to provide real value up front, prequalify your prospect, and create an engaging advisor relationship – all in a short period of time. The more you use it, the more you can reduce your case preparation time because you’re doing the planning right in front of the client. The times you choose to do more detailed case preparation, you know you’re doing it on cases that will be profitable for your time. RetirementView allows me the freedom to be an advisor to my clients, to help diagnose and treat the financial problems they are facing, instead of a pre-scripted financial salesperson that used to try to ‘fit a square peg in a round hole’. RetirementView is a true ‘game changer’ that is well worth the annual investment. I’m looking forward to a long-term relationship with Torrid Technologies!”

– David H. Kinder, ChFC, September 9, 2015


“Good job on getting in front of this for me! It’s appreciated. Great product Great Company Great People!

– David Barnes, Financial Advisor, September 2, 2015


“Regardless, for those few clients i used it with it was impressive, quick and right to the point. It is hard for them to say they are Ok financially when we are looking at a Red screen ! The thing i like the most is quickness and simplicity !

– Johnny Been, Financial Advisor, August 19, 2015


“I finally found the retirement income analysis and presentation software that provides not only the power I need and the simplicity my clients deserve to create a clear view of their retirement income.It’s absolutely phenomenal software!

– Steve Kernihan, LPL Advisor, Louisiana, Sept 11, 2013


“The reason I am so pleased with the Retirement View software is because it is the best application I have found so far that allows us to give our clients a thorough analysis of their retirement prospects without having to exhaust all of our time and energy in doing so! The program is thorough, easy to us, visually appealing, and produces nice concise reports. An excellent choice for the advisor whose focus is on investing and wants to add value by doing some planning.”

– George W. Holland IV, July 30, 2014


“I love the software. I love the color. It’s real easy to use. I like it. My clients like it. It has helped me move over a half million dollars in assets so far. We’re real pleased with it.

– DuWayne Mews, January 8, 2014


“It’s great. I couldn’t run my business without it.

– Cory Davern, December 23, 2013


“We use the software on every second appointment. We have closed many sales using the software.RetirementView is an absolute essential for us in our business.

– John Toomey, December 4, 2013


I used the RetirementView software and got my first ever check with 2 commas and 7 figures…recommend the RetirementView software to everyone.”

– Jim Hughes, Jasper, Texas, August 8, 2013


“First of all, I’m very happy with your software and the ease of running retirement projections. I regret I didn’t buy it sooner..

– Eric J. Pelnar, CFP®, Wisconsin, April 19, 2013


“I definitely feel the software is another feather in my cap that makes me unique and I believe it will really pay off. Since I work a lot with Baby Boomers now, they want to know about income, and whether they can retire, and when, and will they have enough money. And they want facts and figures to back it up. I’ve spent the last 8 years selling off of a legal pad and using an occasional illustration. But the RetirementView software helps me to show them how long their money will last, and its not just coming from me- it is a sophisticated ‘3rd party’ software confirming what I am showing them, and it grabs them with visuals… colors, something to look at and understand their situation. It just works. I’m so glad I got this software.

– Bill Meador, Kansas, April 16, 2013


“RetirementView 2013 software provides a simple yet effective way of establishing a baseline or benchmark in the planning process. It is not too complicated and allows for an excellent opportunity to help educate our clients with regard to their specific planning needs. “

– Sam Cooper CPA/PFS CFP®,CLU®,CHFC®, February 27, 2013


[Sorry for the gap in testimonials… just been so busy we have not been updating this page.]

“We’re utilizing it pretty well at this point. It’s not a huge part of our practice but typically, we use it as a retention tool or an add-on service to give retiring clients piece of mind that they’re in the ballpark. It also helps us temper expectations for clients that want a retirement that is too lavish. Our thought that it would give us some supplemental planning income but we probably only bill for using it 4 or 5 time per year.It’s a simple product and it’s fairly easy to use/maneuver.

– Chuck Porter, Pennsylvania, May 31, 2011


“I like the new version. You guys are good! Whatever you’ve done, don’t stop. I can produce something for a client in 10 minutes that makes sense to them which is the whole point.”

– Mike Scott, Conroe, Texas, May 11, 2011


“The software is a great visual for putting things to gether and simplifying the total picture and that’s the value of the software. It helps your clients visualize where they’re at and where they want to go and if their plan is going to work or not. That’s the real value in the software. I highly recommend it. I think the price is very reasonable for the output that you get from it. Thank you.”

– Dan Korth, CA, February 11, 2011


“I’ve had a number of clients indicate that they like the simplicity of the software and that it is easily understood as opposed to the 2 or 3 other softwares that I’ve tried which were very complicated for the clients to understand….we’ve used it in a number of situations and produced about three-quarters of a million of annuity premium that I can directly relate to this. I’ve been very excited about using it and I wanted to thank you for making it available.”

– Bob Griffin, Chicago, IL, December 16, 2010


“I have been using the software and LOVE IT! I tell my clients it will give them a clear view into their financial future. We mentioned it in our newsletter and they are scheduling times to come in. We have had fantastic response and have even had clients call and thank me for giving them such valuable information. I am going to a conference next week where there will be 400 producers. I was thinking this could be a great program for them to use. I know the top people in the organization and could mention it if you wanted me to. Thanks for the follow up. I am a TRUE fan of the program.”

– Dave Elizondo, Davenport, Iowa, October 22, 2010


“…She actually said that she liked my presentation and that is the primary reason that she decided to do business with me. I’ve been using your product for several years now and have had great success and I do recommend it to other brokers in my business.”

– Steve Hill, Maryland, June 16, 2010


“I’ve just gotten started with the program. I’ve gotten 2 different clients I’ve programming into it. I’m amazed how easy it is. With a little common sense, there’s lots of things you can do… Thanks and keep up the good work… By the way the customer response is fantastic when I called for help.”

– Marty Zickert, Vero Beach, Florida, May 6, 2010


“I bought the program a few weeks ago, and I just presented the software to my first client this week… I started by showing him a scenario of him retiring in 5 years at age 62 and that he ran out of money around age 77. Then, I showed him that if he worked an additional year and put in another $1500 a month, then he would be fine until age 90, which he is comfortable with because of his health issues. He called me yesterday, said he and his wife agreed with the plan and asked me where we should invest the additional $1500 a month. This software got him to make the decision to do that. (And, he was able to explain it to his wife!) Without the software, I previously couldn’t get him to make a decision. By showing him his retirement picture, I was able to get him to understand his situation and move forward with a plan of action. I like showing my clients if they are in the “red”, where they will run out of money, and then helping them by showing them how to get the “red out” of their plan.

I bought a subscription to Money Guide Pro a little over a year ago for about $1,400, but it just didn’t help get the client to take action. It didn’t work for me. It’s very goal oriented, which I liked, but it seemed more focused on Asset Allocation than cash flow. I like programs that show me the “red” and Money Guide Pro did not do that for me. It was too confusing for clients to understand, so after my one-year subscription was up, I cancelled. That’s when I started looking for a new program and, thankfully, you guys were referred to me by another advisor at a broker/dealer workshop.”

– David Allen, CFP®, Texas, April 15, 2010


“This is Steve Hayden. I am calling from Atlanta, GA. My company is Investors Capital Corporation, a division of Atlanta Planning Group and I purchased the software. I really like it because it is so simple, it gives me…it gives just enough information to the client to communicate the concepts and illustrate the importance of it without making their eyes glaze over. I haven’t been using it that long, I have been procrastinating about making the purchase for over a year and then I finally took the plunge, used it twice in the first day with great results and I can see how I can leverage this to help me with long term care as well as increasing contributions to retirement plans. So it has been very helpful, very successful and very easy to use. The graphics are very strong and that is what the clients walk away with is the rememberance of the green lines versus the red lines and my favorite game is playing, “What if?” After we set it up and play with it for a few minutes, we get to play “What if?” What if we raised our income?, or what if we retired early?, or what if we donated money? or what if we sent a third child to graduate school? So we get to play with that as well… So that’s it, thank you very much!

– Steve Hayden, Atlanta GA, Mar 17, 2010


“I’m getting great use out of it. I love the program. This really does the job. The clients love it.It’s a very good program.”

– Stan Anderson, Mar 11, 2010


“Yes, it has been a great asset gathering tool.Thank you!”

– Carol OVerby, Sept. 18, 2009


“This is incredible software – thinking about buying it for some larger clients so they can have copy of my work – include it in the fee charged. Awesome stuff – used on two, million plus asset cases recently.”

– Steve Eisele, Aug 19, 2009


“Hi I’m Bill Pfadt with Semler Financial in Carmel Indiana and I’ve been using Retirement Savings Planner software for about three years….I find it very helpful in getting the message across about a very complex issue that has a lot of variables and that’s “retirement planning”. I plan on using the software forever!”

– Listen to entire audio from Bill Pfadt, June 18, 2009


“We have a couple of income planning programs that are provided free through IMO’s that we do business with, but want you to know that after comparing them with Torrid’s software – There is no comparison. We are able to use your software in our 2nd client meeting and believe me it allows us to separate ourselves from the competition.I require everyone that I work with to know and use your software. If I sound like a commercial, it’s because your software gets results. I am no spring chicken in this business and know that in order to be successful you have to sell something. This means doing the best job for the client, not just talking a good game. I just got a call from Knoxville, TN and Pat Thompson, my partner there, just closed a roll over for $1 million for a Dr. and his wife. She also is getting another $3.5 million in other assets and she attributes this to her use of Torrid and the ability to simplify their lives and put everything they are doing into the software and print it out for them. I could give you numerous testimonials but will spare you here. This would be about a $40,000 commission.”

– Richard Howard, Jan 12, 2009


“I absolutely adore the program. I’ve written about it in my column “The Investment Edge” which appears monthly in Life Insurance Selling magazine. I’m kind of a missionary for the company in that I tell everyone about it.”

– Listen to Richard Hoe, Sept 18, 2008


“I love this program. The reason it’s wonderful is that the client can follow it without having to do a lot of thinking. It’s a sixth grade picture that anyone can understand.”

– Listen to Greg Franklin, AAMS, Nov 12, 2008


“I just wanted to share with whoever is considering using this software that it manhas been such a wonderful tool for my financial planning business…[With this one couple in their mid-sixties], I didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news so I just let the program… let the graphs show them that it looked red and ugly in about 10 years. I was then able to show them a proposal of how we could fix that problem. And it was a big homerun for me… I’ve written about it in my column “The Investment Edge” which appears monthly in Life Insurance Selling magazine. I’m kind of a missionary for the company in that I tell everyone about it.”

– Listen to Sandra Newman, Financial Planner, Sept. 12, 2008


“I’ve been using the program for little over a year. Clients really like it. I find it to be the most effective planning tool for retirement planning that I have used for clients in a long time.”…

– Listen to John Shipley, CPA, Financial Planner, Sept. 11, 2008


“This tool has been a life saver for me…I’ve certainly expanded my business exponentially in the last 3 years since I’ve been using this software”…

– Listen to William Sheehy, LPL, August 25, 2008


“The reason I selected your program is because it’s so user friendly. It’s a good visual aid that my clients can understand.”

– Mark Lobdell, June 28, 2008


“This is incredible software– thinking about buying it for some larger clients so they can have copy of my work – include it in the fee charged. Awesome stuff – used on two, million plus asset cases recently. Appreciate the help.”

– Steve Eisele, CFP(r),CLU, February 6, 2008


“I think it’s an awesome program. If I can do it than anyone can do it.”

– Richard Curnow, January 8, 2008


Hey all, just finished up an appointment where all the client wanted to know was if he could retire. Will his assets last a lifetime. As you all know this can be difficult to determine unless they just have a ton of money. I entered his financial information into the torrid retirement planning software and in less that 5 minutes we had a picture of his retirement income and how long it would last. This software is so simple to use, even I can use it and I can’t tell you how many times this program has helped me close really big business and with very little effort. It really is a good program and you all know I don’t endorse things very often, but I would encourage all of you to go the website and check it out. It really is a great tool and worth every penny we pay for it. I will be going over this program in the upcoming Mastery Program for those of you that are coming. Anyway, I guess that’s all for now.”

– Craig Randall, NPC and Randall Marketing Group


“I love the program and so do our clients. I use it on a big screen in our conferance room and play the “what if” game until we have an agreement as to how we are going to go forward. It almost always results in more and increased contributions”.

– Tom Holmes, Woodland Park, Colorado


“I bought it! I am happy! I have used the program with several clients and by showing them the reality of what can happen to them in retirement, confidence has been built and I have already closed cases. Believe it or not one for $700,000 after one session with the software demo and then the second filling out the paperwork. Thanks.”

– Jay Jones


“I do love the new look of the software. Great job with that.”

– Michael Pultro, RFC, CSA


“Already upgraded and the new product looks great. Good job! I just finished up with a client and I did his retirement calculations in about 15 minutes and he said he has never seen anything as simple to look at but with such dramatic results as when the red area appears showing when client runs out of funds. Very easy to use but with dramatic results.”

– Dan Engelhardt


“By the way I love the new look! Really enjoy the program. It is amazing to be able to get timely correct answers from any software company today, but Torrid Tech has always been right there.”

– Dean St. Marie, CFP


“I love the program and it works great with clients. I’ll go further to say that I’ve been in business for 14 years. I’ve looked for a long time for a QUICK, EASY, and “USER-FRIENDLY” program which clients can understand. Very few of my clients want huge financial plans with 100 pages of “boiler plate” which often answers questions that the clients don’t even have!! What most of them want now is a simple program to answer the questions of “What do I really have in retirement?” and “Do I have enough?”. I use [Retirement Savings Planner] righjt in front of the client, orient him/her to the visuals, and go through the “What Ifs” such as higher inflation, lower returns, retiring later, etc. Clients LOVE it!… and it gives instant credibility to the broker. Thanks for a GREAT program!!”

– Allen C. (Al) McLellan LUTCF, CLTC, CLU, ChFC, CSA, CASL®, CRFAT, CFP®


“We now highly recommend the software to every new Career Agent we hire and have found the new Career Agents to be very enthusiastic about it. They find it extremely easy to learn and use.”

Ronald G. Gill, CSA
General Agent
American Financial of California, OneAmerica



“The Retirement Savings Planner from Torrid Technologies has been the most exciting innovation we’ve come across in a long time. It has generated a lot of excitement and energy since we discovered it (thanks to you!) in May or June of this year. We just completed a very strong September of issued business and a good portion of that business was generated using the Retirement Savings Planner software.

We have developed and are using a flyer as a mailer and prospecting too. We are in the process of developing a seminar and complete marketing program based on the software. We now introduce the software to every new agent as their first useful prospecting tool.

The success stories we have been hearing range from much easier life insurance and long term care insurance sales to all types of retirement planning sales. I am thrilled that you will be able to be a presenter at NEC so that the entire field force of OneAmerica, including the Home Office and field force of the Retirement Services division, will have a chance to see the software up close and grasp its power.”

– David D. Braun, ChFC, CLU, CSA, LUTCF


Quote from Craig Randall, Randall Marketing Group about Annuity Sales:

“I just started using the Retirement Planner Pro software in my personal practice. In the very first month of use, this software program helped me write $1.6 Million in annuity production. I also train our Advisors how to use this powerful tool at our Advanced Boot Camps and Mastery Programs. There is NO other software out there that allows me to convey information to clients so easily.”

[NOTE: Craig is a Top Producer using seminars to hit these numbers. Your results will obviously vary based on your own ability and expertise.]


“I like the Retirement Savings Planner software very much and use it frequently. Recently I sat down with a woman in a rush situation – I really only had a few minutes to spend with her. In 5 minutes we quickly inputted her information and showed a shortage and inadequate retirement funds, and I closed a Roth IRA right on the spot.”

– Martin O. McCann IV, LUTCF, CSA Financial Advisor, OneAmerica Career Agent


“…I am excited about it. It’s easy to use. I’m not about long meetings but I’m about “effective” meetings. This software helped me accomplish so much more because the client was driving the meeting. She saw scenarios that she was interested in seeing. As a result, she expressed her financial concerns, goals, and aspirations.

In the LTCi situation, this system will help me graph out how much LTCi benefit a person might need in the future. You might buy a $190 a day benefit but will that cover them 30 years from now? Most people that I talk to think that if my investments do real well I’ll use that. The RSP software will show them how well their investments will really have to do.”

– William L. Pfadt, CLU, ChFC, Semler Financial


“I met with a couple in their 30’s who planned to keep the wife’s $100,000 life insurance as it was with no additional coverage. They came in because they thought it would be best to increase the husband’s coverage from $200,000 to $400,000. After putting their numbers into the Retirement Savings Planner and using the Life Insurance Needs tool, they decided that indeed they were underinsured. We wrote an additional $400,000 on the wife and $1.5 million on the husband. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have never been able to do that without the Retirement Savings Planner.

Clients like being part of the planning. Looking at different options is quite fast and easy for the client to understand. A couple that was 4 years from retirement was especially excited to throw different “what-ifs” at me to input and to see the results. It was very easy to understand yet vivid; it definitely got their attention.”

– Another Career Agent


I have been very impressed with how the objection of LTCi premium being too expensive never comes up when I show what happens to retirement funds when a long term care event is illustrated. I show the diffence between cost of the event and the premium for LTCi. If the wife is present, I get the go ahead to present a LTCi quote.

– Lance Nystrem, CSA, Broker


“This is a marvelous program, in fact it has changed how I do business. A primary reason why I use this in every client presentation is that it forces clients to “come clean” with all their investable assets. Sometimes there is some subterfuge in that prospective clients don’t always come clean with all their assets. However, when they see the projections that I am illustrating fall short of their expectations suddenly they remember other existing assets or potential assets. For example: “Gee, my Mom is age 86 and in a nursing home, she probably won’t make it another year. She has an $800,000 estate.” This tool has given me the opportunity to “discover” a potential investment source that needs to be included into the retirement plan. It serves as truth serum, “I’m not really this poor … let me tell you the real story.” This program is great because it is simple enough to use quickly, complex enough to tell a story, and compelling enough to flush out additional cash. It has changed my whole business

– Bill Sheehy, CFP, CFS, CRPS, AAMS, CLU, CEBS


“I used to spend 40 hours or more using other software to do retirement planning. They were all unnecessarily complex and the extra time added nothing to the process. With your software its quick and easy. Most important the program is completely intuitive. This program is too good to be left in a box. Everyone who tries it will want to buy and use it. It reminds me of the early version of Quickbooks!”

– Patricia Mull, CPA, PFS


“I recently purchased the Pro edition, and I am very pleased with how user friendly it is. I send out an email requesting the client information, and once I get it back I can load the data in 10-15 minutes. This software is easy to explain to clients with the visual charts, and it is so quick to do “what if scenarios”. I recently showed it to a Schwab Private Client Financial Consultant, and he said he wished he had something like it. Torrid has delivered on everything that is has promised.”

– Jock Meeks


“Thanks for your help in my getting the 2006 upgrade installed and running. Everything went fine, just as you outlined. By the way, I’m a Florida CPA and have been doing financial planning both at the Corporate and individual levels for a number of years. Your software is top notch. I have told a number of my partners and colleagues about it, especially those individuals who are within 3-5 years of retirement. You’ll probably see a bunch of Naples, FL folks signing on in the very near future. Thanks again for your help.”

– Gary Danca, CPA


“I used to use Naviplan. It took all afternoon to enter the data and then it would print out a 160 page report. When we would meet with our client we would lose the sale after a few pages through the report because the clients were lost. So we then would put post-it notes on the color graphs to try to steer them just to the graphs… Problem was our client file would weigh 8 pounds because we would run the Naviplan once a year and put a copy in their file. We decided to try the Retirement Planner software because it takes a lot less time and is very colorful and easy to understand.”

– Randall Schumacher, Financial Advisor


“I am a Registered Stockbroker and a licensed Insurance Agent. I hold a CMFC and a CSA. My clients are generally 55 of age and above. I spent several years as a financial planner and I use the Professional Planning software in my initial discussions with my prospects so we can make informed decisions about Life Insurance needs, LTC coverage, and coupled with my asset allocation software the kinds of investments the prospect should have. I recently completed a plan for a couple that gives them an excellent idea of when they can retire and maximizes their investment cashflow. This is a great software– simple to use and easily understandable by the clients/prospects.”

– Arnold Kern


“When I used other financial planning programs – My clients would see those full featured colorful reports of 200+ pages and suddenly go into a trance. I felt I was becoming the world’s greatest Hypnotist! Finally, a financial planning program that “gets it”. Quick, easy and powerfully interactive for the client. The important thing is the client will understand immediately what needs to be done to make their dreams come true. The result will be a happier client and planner.”

– Peter O’Neill


[NOTE: Here at Torrid we give 200+ page planning reports their own classification that we call “Planning by the Pound” and we avoid it like the plague that it is. Please save the trees and use our software instead. Thank you.]


“Just wanted to let you know that I am having great success with the Retirement Planner software. My clients have been very impressed with it and it is wonderful how I can quickly show them multiple scenarios “on the fly”. After seeing for themselves that their retirement will be successful they have such a sense of relief and great appreciation for my help. It has been essential in positioning me as an advisor/consultant instead of a salesman and it has made the transition to closing easy and seamless. Not to mention how easy and fast it is to input data.”

– Ron Braun, CFPR


“I am very pleased with the software and have used it several times with clients. It is very helpful in helping them to see the challenges that they face. Thanks again.”

– James Bergman, Morgan Keegan Financial Advisor


“I immersed myself all day Saturday learning this software. IT IS WAY COOL!! So is your support. Thanks.”

– Jim Heinrichs, Financial Advisor


“The Retirement Planner program is very intuitive, and it is graphically very rich. So my clients can see very quickly where they stand as far as their retirement assets are concerned… they can see if they have enough money to retire on, and if not, what they have to do to reach their goal!

For 80% of my clients, the 8-9 page Retirement Planner Report is all they need to get started, they don’t need a 120 page report… and for the few that do need more detail I will arrange for that.

The Computer laptop presentation that we make for clients just ‘wows’ them, and then we do ‘what ifs’ for different scenarios and the graphs change before their eyes, so they can see what happens with different situations…”

– Rusty Scheewe, Financial Advisor


“I just took the time to explore the Torrid [RSP] software website and WOW! This IS exciting software because it is easy, fast and exciting to use with clients ! Instead of fact finders completed, and then leave client and go back to the office to spend time inputting everything, looks like I can do it all right when the prospect/client is at my office (or their home) for the first time. They can see it on screen, and I can print it out on my color inkjet printers (have a portable Canon color printer for my laptop when in the field). Thank you so much for turning us on to this sales resource. Take care.”

– Bill Robinson Palm Canyon Insurance Agency Palm Springs, CA


“I have been using the professional version of the retirement planner for more than 4 years. They have consistently listened to their users and continually improved the product. I have found their service to be excellent. I can actually speak to them about software issues and recommendations. I use the program with clients to show them their aggregate returns as well as yearly future projections of income and assets. The graphics are superb. This program enhances a professional’s image, when the results are viewed with the client. It gives a client the big picture and helps close sales. I highly recommend it.”

– Mark Rosen, CLU, ChFC


“My clients love the graphic elements – easy to understand – no smoke and mirrors! I let them input their own numbers in an interview so they feel like they own the process. Works VERY well. I believe it is the very best visual retirement planning tool on the market. I will highly endorse your product with my peers.”

– David B. Cole, CLU, ChFC, CIC, CLTC, CRPC – Lifetime Benefit Concepts


“I have been looking for an easy-to-use financial planning/retirement planning tool for well over 6 months and couldn’t find anything that would do what I needed. I tried other software but it just didn’t do what I needed. Once I tried the Retirement Planner demo, I could easily tell that this was the perfect software for me. I am delighted that the price is so reasonable and the people are incredibly helpful.”

– Deborah Owen, CPA


“I love the Retirement Savings Planner software. It is so colorful and consumer friendly. I’ve looked at MoneyTree, Profiles and other tools and the Retirement Savings Planner is the best software for me. It is a fantastic door opener no matter what you are selling. It’s very user friendly for the sales person and the consumer. People today want something that’s quick, catches their interest and gets them to do something right away… Torrid’s Retirement Savings Planner is a great tool for me to do that with clients.”



“About the Professional Edition: “Torrid’s Retirement Planner is an excellent tool for advisors at any level. It provides support for experienced advisors who desire illustrations to drive home a specific point. And it can also provide the actual structure for a plan where the less experienced advisor desires a ‘skeleton plan’ to flesh out. Torrid’s Retirement Planner is one of the best independent software values available to financial professionals.”

– Wallace Smith, Independent Financial Advisor, Senior Finance and Health


“As for the use of your [Retirement Savings Planner] program, I do like it. It is simple to use and shows results well. I usually use it for clients who want a detailed plan listing of their assets, as well as to show them growth at different ages.”

– Mark Rosen CLU, ChFC, Professional Edition user


“A picture is worth a thousand words. With the new Cash Infusion and Special Expense options, I was able to clearly show a client that his otherwise perfect retirement plan will be destroyed by an uninsured 3-Year Long-term care claim. I used $60,000 as the current annual cost, and inflated it at 8% which I believe is the current LTC inflation rate. I also was able to clearly demonstrate that a $6,000 annual LTC premium would have no impact on the client’s lifestyle. He got the picture.”

– Bob Coady, Sr. WealthMark Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. Santa Ana, CA


“Thanks for your follow-up. I have just begun doing a few cases so I need another few days to work through all aspects of the app. So far I LOVE the simplicity – easy graphics communicate the big picture which is exactly what I wanted. … Thanks very much. “

– David B. Cole, Lifetime Benefit Concepts


“I like this software because it is so simple to use and in just 5 minutes I can let someone know how much money they will have at retirement. It’s great!”

– Debbie Scalise


“The planner is very robust, much more so than the standard planning calculators that are on every retirement firm and financial planning website in the world. The idea that a small company — or a large company for that matter — would have this capability to do group employee retirement planning training is feasible with the Retirement Savings Planner.
I used it as an integral part of an around-the-country retirement planning tour I did last fall and got [1] rave reviews and [2] the best improvement in 401(k) participation we’ve ever had. From the selfish company perspective, that participation allows for your HCEs to maximize their deferral opportunity. From a more altruistic perspective, employers owe their employees this type of training and education so that they can make good quality decision about their financial and retirement planning.”

– Dennis Buster Vice President, Human Resources Everett Charles Technologies

Financial Advisor Practice Testimonial:

"My boss is a stock broker and his interest in retirement planning software is to -- (1). assist in calculating what type of savings are needed to meet a client’s retirement needs and (2). to answer client’s questions as to when they can retire based upon the assets they have... We have comprehensive retirement planning software from another company that is so complex we can’t understand it, and have stopped using it because we cannot figure out if we are using it correctly. When I started searching around for something else, I was especially impressed with the straightforwardness of your program. When I played with the download I could easily see how the information I was inputting affected the output, and had confidence in the program. Something I do not have with the more complicated program I have."

HR Benefits Testimonial:

"The Retirement Planner from Torrid Technologies Inc. provides an excellent tool for working with our retirement plan participants in helping them to understand what they need to save for their retirement. The feature I like most is its simplicity. All the key variables are on one screen along with the graphic of the accumulation period and the distribution period so the user can see how changes in the variables affect the graph. They quickly gain an understanding as to the primary factors involved in the financial planning for retirement process and realize how changes in their individual situation might affect their retirement accumulation. There are many other financial planning software offerings on the market, but most of them are so powerful and sophisticated that the typical user won’t take the time and make the effort to learn how to use them and maintain the data base that many of them require. The Retirement Planner from Torrid Technologies addresses the major factors in an easy to understand and easy to use format. We encourage all of our user clients to utilize this product." John Bogard, Bissonett & Associates (now part of Stanton Group), employee benefits consultants

Another Financial Advisor Practice Testimonial:

Why do you like the Retirement Savings Planner (RSP) software?

"RSP is a great down and dirty way to get a quick look at a person's retirement savings picture when you have only 10 or 15 minutes to spend with them. It's a simple tool that people need. I can quickly get a snapshot "thumbs view" of the persons' retirement picture. "

How do you use the software in your practice?

"As an example, say someone came in and had a small IRA. I'd use RSP to show them a quick snapshot of their retirement picture. I do this for my clients for free because it builds rapport with my clients and gives them a quick perspective on where they are and where they are going. I can also print them a "what if" analysis that illustrates some options for improving their situation. If they want to pay for a comprehensive retirement plan, then we have a more complicated piece of software that we use for that purpose. Retirement Planner is a wonderful stepping stone to get a quick picture of a client before trying to do a more elaborate plan. "

Can RP help you with 401k or other retirement plans?

"I use the software with 401k plans when I have only a few minutes to meet with clients. Using RSP I can give somebody a quick idea and quick look.... HR people like that level of service. There is no other product out there that you can punch in the data so quickly and get a reasonable picture of a clients retirement savings. RSP is indespensable because it puts things into perspective for clients. Most clients don't have a full grasp or even a reasonable perspective of their retirment picture. RP puts it in simple terms. The client can see it visually and understand it better. It helps my clients grasp the ideas and visualize the concepts. RP does this very effectively."  

We have advisors that occasionally ask us to add Monte Carlo simulation to RP. Should we do that?

"No, not for the quick retirement picture. Try to explain Monte Carlo analysis to a client and their eyes are going to glaze over and they will ask you if they can go home now. Monte Carlo is too complicated for a quick retirement estimate. RSP gives people a great perspective. It gets them 70-80% of the way. I get the most bang for my buck on the level that RSP offers."  

Can RP be useful when meeting with clients about IRA rollovers?

"Yes. I think RSP is essential for IRA rollover work. It's a great tool for anyone considering an IRA rollover." - from an actual Financial Advisor