Important Retirement Savings – Age 50

Do you have 90 seconds to enhance your retirement savings? If you have 90 seconds to spare, I found some awesome information that can enhance your retirement savings if you are at least age 50! Did you know that the closer you get to retiring, … [Continue reading]

Self Driving Cars for Retirement

Self Driving Cars - Good For the Elderly? Is it really possible that self driving cars are within reach? Congress is even starting to expedite the introduction of these cars. The benefits could prove revolutionary to senior citizens as well as … [Continue reading]

Do You Need Insurance Changes In Retirement

Insurance Changes Who doesn't look forward to retirement and the greater freedom to choose your own schedule? Sounds great to someone who has worked for years. But with any change in life circumstances, you may need to make some insurance changes in … [Continue reading]

10 Steps You Can Take Right Now

Daunting Task Are you concerned about having enough savings and assets to retire? Does it feel like the bills just keep coming in like the tide? Do you feel like you don't really understand what it is you need to do to prepare in the first place? Do … [Continue reading]

Is Retirement Possible Without $1 Million?


$1 Million Retirement Of course entering retirement with a million dollars makes things easier, but you can absolutely live well without having met that magical goal. Preparing ahead of time and making small changes - or big ones - can pay off big … [Continue reading]

Best Advice From 3 Former Advisers

Retired Advisers-Retirement Planning

One criticism of retirement planning. If you had to find one problem with the whole business of retirement planning, it might be that it is staffed by advisers who have yet to retire!  That's certainly not to say that professional advisers don't … [Continue reading]

Are you confident and ready for retirement?

Most people don't know. Take our quiz to find out. … [Continue reading]

June Newsletter

Take a look at our June newsletter for 2017. A few features in this issue Check out this follow up article in our June Newsletter on Cutting Trees, why small business optimism is heightened, in addition to a report the the retirement planning … [Continue reading]

Economic Growth – Optimism Heightened

Optimism Heightened Small business owners continue to be very optimistic about future economic growth, according to a recent survey. It shows that optimism heightened but with some mixed reviews. The National Federation of Independent Business … [Continue reading]

Cutting Trees

What does cutting trees have to do with RetirementView? Well, it's an analogy really. If you read my previous post (and April newsletter article), you would have seen the saga of cutting trees down in my yard. The cycle we've seen seems to represent … [Continue reading]

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