Torrid Technologies Top Retirement Planning FYI for Generation Millennial

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Torrid Technologies Top Retirement Planning FYI for GenerationMillennial

                Torrid Technologies, a retirement planning Software Company, provides alternative millennial generation retirement planning approach; countering popular Pogo-Stick article

Marietta, GA, October 27, 2014 – The recent tumultuous financial headlines, recession, bubble burst PLUS more are just a few reasons why people are panicking in many circles about retirement planning. More recently, a popular media platform released a “Pogo Stick” article  that moved Torrid Technologies to release their number one retirement planning option for the younger generation.. Contrary to what is being widely circulated as ‘retirement planning for the next generation’ Torrid Technologies list their number 1 and very simple FYI that will assist millennials with considering the choices available to them.

For the purpose of informing millennials about their planning options, Torrid Technologies’ composed a simple and less radical way to go about this very important choice. As an alternative approach Torrid Technologies offers the following strategy to the next generation of retirement planners:

Top Retirement Planning FYI for Generation Millennial

Start saving for retirement as soon as you get out of college… YES! It’s that simple!

Now most millennials think that is impossible. But if your employer offers a plan then sign up immediately before your first check if you can… then you never feel like you miss the money.  Your new job will be probably be a windfall compared to college days, so start as soon as you can.  The advantage is that you have a much longer time horizon to save and accumulate.  The effect of compound interest along with ongoing savings creates a powerful snowball effect.

As a way to assist the young and unfamiliar retirement planner along their quest to a secure financial future, Torrid Technologies is offering each new millennial that subscribes to the Individual or Couples edition, access to their Financial Technobabble Translation Guide – a guide to decipher all of the financial terms that most people don’t understand (Including how this helps you avoid making costly money mistakes). To sign up visit

About Torrid Technologies

Torrid Technologies offers a keep it simple retirement planning tool that allows you to hold onto a strong retirement future, even if the powers that be in Washington try to make a grab for it.  You can download a complimentary demo copy from their website at:

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