401k Statements – Personalized Savings Statements

Are you trying to encourage participants to enroll in the 401(k) plan? Are you trying to get existing participants to increase their contributions?

We can provide you with CUSTOM statements designed to your specifications that include CALCULATIONS and not just static information. The types of calculations we can provide in the statements:

  • contribution accumulation estimates
  • retirement income needs based on salary projections
  • Social Security estimate
  • Pension estimate
  • retirement income shortfall estimates
  • increased contribution estimates
  • profit sharing estimates

You provide the employee census and we can provide the statements as a PDF document. We can also print and mail the statements as a turnkey job

Marcom Design + Calculations = Great Communications

Your graphic designers or ours... start by designing a custom template for your communications documents. We plan the calculations and what will be displayed. Generate a prototype. Program to generate the documents from the employee census.

Personalized Statements

Each statement is personalized to the participant and can include:

  • name
  • address
  • SSN
  • current contribution rate
  • current 401k balance
  • pension information
  • plan matching rules
  • profit sharing rules

Fast Turnaround Times

Most big companies are real sloooowwww to turnaround custom jobs. But not us. We specialize in getting your job done on time.

Contact us for FREE SAMPLES

Our design team creates some fabulous documents that we do not want to post on the internet right now for the public. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we can provide samples for you to review.


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