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"I have used this software for many years and I really love it. It has been a great planning tool for me." -Jeff Paulson

"Everyone who tries it will want to buy and use it." - Patricia Mull, CPA, PFS

"I regularly use it and it is still the best I have found." -Max Cortner

Retirement Planning Software
(previously called Retirement Savings Planner)

"Keep It Simple" Retirement Planning for Everyone

- 20th Anniversary Edition -

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QUICK. SIMPLE. VISUAL. Retirement Planning
For individuals and couples: "Do-it-yourself Retirement Planning."
For financial advisors: "No more headaches from complicated software."
So easy anyone can understand it. In less than 15 minutes you can punch in basic data and have the RetirementView calculator generating meaningful and accurate retirement savings projections. Even more important, the easy-to-read charts display in "red" any projected retirement expense shortfall. It's also comprehensive. Unlimited investments. Unlimited cash infusions and income streams. Unlimited Expenses.

This Retirement Savings software takes into account income from Social Security, Pensions, Defined Benefits, other cash infusions, and unlimited Investments both tax-deferred and taxable. This comprehensive retirement calculator is for those saving for retirement as well as those already retired and is much better than "free retirement calculators" that you find on the internet.

Great for: Individuals, Employees, plan participants, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Brokers, Certified Financial planners, CFPs, CPAs, Employee Benefits consultants, TPAs, Plan Sponsors, 401(k) Enrollment Meetings, 401k Education, 403b education, IRA savings, Financial Advisers, Registered Representatives, Registered Reps, IARs

Software Specs: This PC Software runs on all versions of Windows® including Windows 98®, Windows ME®, Windows XP® (Home and Professional), Windows 2000®, Windows NT®, Windows Vista®, Windows7®, and Windows8®. Runs on Mac® now in native mode!Mac Compatible.

Pro Version: is used by financial advisors and insurance agents to educate clients about their retirement picture and to sell LTCi Long Term Care insurance, wealth management services, 401k plans, life insurance, annuities, split annuities, EIA equity indexed annuities, variable annuities, rollovers, reverse mortgages, indexed universal life, and any other product or service that is related to a person's financial retirement picture. Note to B/Ds: Falls under the exception to NASD/FINRA Rule 2210.

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Indexed Annuity Software

"Best Indexed Annuity backtesting software available on the market. Without this software you are committing malpractice on a regular basis."

- Timothy J. Turner, JD

 MCP Premium Annuity Illustrations
for Insurance Agents 

"Indexed Annuity ILLustrations, backtesting, ratings, and monte carlo simulations."

For Financial Institutions, Financial Advisors, Insurance Companies, and Insurance Agents: If you sell or recommend Indexed Annuities, Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, and EIAs/FIAs, then this software is a "must have". How do you know what annuities to recommend? How do the annuities compare to each other? How would a client's investments have performed if they would have had an Indexed Annuity as part of their investment plan?

Advantages: The only Indexed Annuity Rating Service available. The only annuity backtesting system that can compare up to 15 annuities at one time. The only portfolio analysis program that can model Indexed Annuities and a portfolio of mutual funds in the same simulation.

MCP PREMIUM WEB SITE: This software was acquired in May 2009 and is supported on a separate website. Indexed Annuity Credit Method Ratings are currently FREE so visit the MCP Premium site and sign up right now.

Click Here to Visit

WebCalcs for Advisors

WebCalcs® for Advisors
Internet Financial Planning  

"We invented web-based financial planning."

For Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, CPAs: If you want easy-to-use financial planning that requires no training, requires no updating, and requires no prior expertise, then WebCalcs for Advisors is for you.

Advantages: Low Cost. Creates Instantly Perfect PDF reports customized with your contact info and the client's name. Accurate. Maximum browser compatibility (no Java). Attention to Compliance. Up-to-date to Tax Laws. Proven solution already deployed by Fortune 500 companies.

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WebCalcs financial calculators for websites

"The software is working great. The servicers love it because it's so easy to use!"

- Mary Ann Brown, AXA/The MONY Group

 WebCalcs® Internet Financial Planning
for Financial Companies  

"We invented web-based financial planning."

For Financial Institutions, Financial Advisors, Benefit Providers, Portals: If your company needs Internet-based financial planning software, then consider our comprehensive and simple to use WebCalcs® software. We brand it to match your website. We host it. We maintain it. You just link to it.

Advantages: Total Visual Customization. Accurate. Maximum browser compatibility (no Java). Attention to Compliance. Up-to-date to Tax Laws. Scaleable to thousands of users. Proven solution already deployed by Fortune 500 companies.

Custom Illustrations: Does your firm need a custom financial planning illustration? Perhaps an annuity rider that you need to do client illustrations for? Maybe it's something related to a product or service that is new for your firm? Call us to discuss what you need. We specialize in creating premium quality systems, fast turnaround, and reasonable pricing.


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ROI Analysis

PDF Overview Click for Webcalcs financial software overview



PDF Full List Click for list of webcalcs calculators list

PDF RMD and 72t Click for RMD and 72T product sheet


PDF College Savings Click for College Savings WebCalcs product sheet

Available WebCalcs Tools FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: We offer web-based financial planning systems that cover a whole range of financial planning topics. Our systems can be simple calculators or complex financial illustrations. Reports can be simple or elaborate. We offer low-cost simple versions, as well as higher cost custom versions. Our WebCalcs® software includes systems for:

  • Retirement savings and income
  • Pre-59½ 72t Calculations (avoiding penalty tax)
  • College savings and 529 plan illustrations
  • College cost and tuition data
  • Coverdell education savings
  • Risk Profile questionnaires and quizes
  • Model portfolio illustrations
  • Asset allocation and portfolio optimization
  • Annuity illustrations and projections for specific products and riders (fixed annuity, indexed annuity, variable annuity, and anything related)
  • Portfolio management and value tracking
  • 401(k) retirement savings
  • Cost of waiting to save
  • Effect of Taxes and Inflation
  • Estate Tax Estimator
  • Finding Money for your savings goals
  • Historical Hypothetical Portfolio Performance
  • Impact of Inflation
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • IRA Eligibility (all types of IRAs)
  • IRA Savings and Goal Analysis
  • IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
  • IRA to Roth Conversion
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Lumpsum Distributions vs. Rollover Distributions
  • Model portfolio Creation and Comparisons
  • Mortgage Amortization
  • Mutual Fund Expense Calculations
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation of Employer Stock
  • Net Worth Estimator
  • New Value Calculator
  • Pension/Defined Benefit Income estimates
  • Portfolio Allocation Rebalancing
  • Portfolio Return Calculations
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Paycheck Tax Savings
  • Required Minimum Distribution RMD calculations
  • Retirement Budget and Expense Planning
  • Retirement Income Analyzer
  • Retirement Savings Estimator
  • Risk Tolerance Profile
  • Roth Conversion
  • Roth 401k software and illustrations
  • Roth v. IRA illustrations
  • Short Term Savings goals
  • Social Security benefit estimates
  • Stretch IRA / Legacy IRA illustrations
  • Tax Free Yield calculations

Looking for something not listed? Would you like to discuss your needs or a specific project? Please call us so we can learn more about your business and what you want to accomplish. We can then better make a recommendation of whether we might be able to help you reach your business goals. Please call us for a free consultation.

"The software is working great. The servicers love it because it's so easy to use!"
- Mary Ann Brown, AXA/The MONY Group


  • Barron's
  • BusinessWeek
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Marketing
  • Life Insurance Selling
  • Money
  • National Underwriter's
  • Reader's Digest
  • Retirement Income Journal
  • Senior Market Advisor
  • Trusts & Estates
  • USA Today
  • Wall Street Journal

"Thanks! I have enjoyed and used your product for a long, long time."
- Pete Wallner

"Everyone who tries it will want to buy and use it."
- Patricia Mull, CPA, PFS

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"Love the program. I recommend it to friends frequently."
- Frank Bastien


"I have used this software for many years and I really love it. It has been a great planning tool for me."
-Jeff Paulson


"It's a terrific tool, with two key strengths being (1) the clarity of the graphs and output; and, (2) the ability to plan top-down, bottom-up, or in-between. Very flexible. I did a bit of research on other software and your program is the best value by far."
- Ken Anderson


"I regularly use it and it is still the best I have found."
-Max Cortner


"I just purched the couples edition. I think that it is fantastic. I am 62 and I'm sure you'll be getting several orders from all my friends who I tell how great it is. ... A few months ago I spent over $3000 with a financial planner whose program wasn't HALF as good as yours."
-Joe Kelliher


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Retirement software that Keeps It Simple.. quit confusing your clients!


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