Personal vs. Couples vs. Professional Edition – Product Comparison Chart

Comparison of RetirementView Editions

Personal Edition Couples Edition Professional Edition
90-Day Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee
Quick, Simple, Visual retirement planning
Print Detailed Reports
Export Data to Excel
Email and Phone Support
Enter unlimited number of investments
Number of retirement plans you can create 1 1 with spouse Unlimited for Financial Professionals
Enter Personal Data for Spouse Separately
Specify Owner of Investments as You/Spouse
Continue Contributions and Returns after One Spouse retires and the other keeps working
Enter Separate Social Security and Pension values for each Spouse
View Spouse Combined Retirement Income analysis
Print Spouse information on Detailed Report
Customize printed reports with name, company, and contact info
Customize disclaimers on printed report
Life Insurance Needs Calculation
Added Savings Solver (additional savings required to eliminate shortfalls)
Required Minimum Distribution Calculations
Add digital photo of clients to Client info
Generate Built-in Social Security Estimate for Spouse
Updated application “look” to reduce the “boring gray” syndrome that plagues most financial software applications.
Updated Built-in Social Security estimate to use Average Wage Indexing series for building past earnings history. This makes the estimate more accurate when comparing to the Quick Calculator on and also makes the estimate more conservative (i.e. estimate is lower) new
Installs and Runs on Windows® Vista®, Windows7®, Windows8®, Windows10® Desktops, Laptops and Tablets and on Mac® Computers new
Model Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities, Deferred Annuities, Immediated Annuities
Model IUL, Whole Life
Show Prospects If They Will Run Out of Money
Get Prospects to Be Truthful about Assets and Accounts
Get Prospects to Lean Forward and be Engaged in Meetings
Get Prospects Asking You How to Fix Their Problem