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Since 1994 we have developed web sites and maintained email lists for our own company as well as those of our clients. We can provide you with a simple and easy to use system for having clients signup/unsubscribe to your email list, as well as give you control to send email to that list anytime.

We also now working with INFUSION SOFTWARE to implement professional CRM systems for small business.

Are you collecting emails via form emails sent to your inbox? And then are you copying, pasting, and typing that info into a database? And many are slipping through the cracks? And then you have to EXPORT out your list and IMPORT it into Constant Contact or some other email system so that you can blast out a newsletter? And then if you are lucky you have time to do that once a month?

Well, what if your prospects went into your database automatically when they filled in the form? And were tagged at that time with the type of lead, prospect, source, etc. AND were added automatically to a follow-up campaign that would keep in touch with that prospect over time. And without any effort on your part other that to "SET THIS WHOLE SYSTEM UP" to meet your business goals and needs.

These are just a few of the things that INFUSION can do for your business.

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